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    hey all. well i was reaing some of the forums and about friends doing mutual masturbation and oral. and i admit i had done both of these in my early teens when i was experimenting. i don't have any feelings towards the friend that i did it with and still prefer women over men. but when i did it in my early teens afterwards i would feel really really guilty to the point of suicide attempts. why is this? i didn't really like doing it when i was younger but it was kinda the peer pressure thing. what's your thoughts on this? oh and by the way i'm over the suicide thing now.
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    It means you were experimenting at sex and felt guilty because some idiot had told you sex was evil.

    The better side is it happened you got past it and feel better now and not like killing your self.
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    If you are saying you felt bad because you didn't feel comfortable with the situation and weren't in control of what was happening to you I am very sorry to hear that and hope that you have dealt with the feelings it caused properly. If are sure they are done with, so much the better for you...take advice if not. Don't deal with them later, clear that "space" in your head for something beneficial....

    If however the actions caused the feelings, then I'd say that the guilt is a conditioned response in many ways, you are told all your life that one kind of situation (being Straight) is good and one kind is bad (being Gay).* When you quite normally experiment in someting that out of context might be seen as bad, you felt all the self loathing that the stereotypical message had programmed you to feel.

    I think it is the wiser person who acts on their impulses and chooses to decide for themself rather than accept blindly what others have told then to do, say or think. We have the understanding abilities to accept so many ideas and concepts, don't close the door to them out of fear, guilt or ignorance.

    It could be said that the experiments you made, made you the person you are today. I certainly feel that the more you experience in life the more full that life will be, choosing to live in a narrow sphere of existence is not living fully.

    *Not that juvenile mutual masturbation makes you gay or otherwise, just curious....
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