Ridin the Logs in the Logging Camp

Discussion in 'Sex With a Large Penis' started by Beercan, Feb 22, 2007.

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    Jan 10, 2006
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    Vancouver B.C. Canada
    Hey guys,
    Got back last night from 2 weeks up North in a logging camp near Prince George BC,and going back on Sunday for another 2 week stint.
    Because of all the really bad winter storms here in BC,there is a lot of damage to all the tree lines.Four of us from the crew of 12 were sent from the main camp further into the bush to hook up with a couple of the pipeline guys from Edmonton AB.They were already set up when we got there last Thursday,so we spent the first night drinking,smoking some good BC Bud and generally having some fun.
    We found out that Tom one of the pipeline crew was turning 35 on Sunday,so without him knowing anything the rest of us decided that Sat night should be a ''PARTY'' night.
    Party girls are well known in the logging world,and for an agreed price you can basically get anything you want.Adam had done this before so he became the driver,and took off Sat lunchtime to Prince George hitting the Liquor Store and the party house.
    Tom still had no idea what we were all up to until Adam got back around 4pm,he quickly clued in as soon as Adam pulled up and this really hot young babe got out of the pickup.
    We unloaded the truck and Adam had already agreed on the price before they had set off, it turned out to be $200.00 bucks each and we also had to pay Tom's share which was a good deal really-considering!
    You could tell this was not her first party and for being so young, I think she said she was 22 she knew exactly what she wanted.
    After all of us drinking for a while and watching her give us some ball busting moves to the music she had brought, she suddenly told the six of us to line up,it was getting pretty dark at this point so we all lined up by the fire pit.
    She instructed us to undo our fly's and take out our dicks thru the fly only, she then went down the line stroking each cock seeing what was there and who was the biggest,by this point most of us were rock hard, and by the looks of the line up she had some big boys to contend with.
    She dropped to her knees in front of Adam first, who by the look of it must have been over 9", spat on it a couple of times and hit her face with it, before sliding it almost all the way down her throat,she pulled back and moved to the next dude swallowing him with a loud gag,she sucked each one of us slowly and deeply,until she stood up and asked which one of us was Tom,she moved in front of the birthday boy and then told all of us to take off our pants,she slid a condom onto Tom with her mouth and then ordered him to eat her pussy,laying her down on a blanket Tom dove in,we all stood round jerking off for a while until I decided to heat things up.
    Tom flipped her onto all fours and I stuffed her mouth, she pulled my foreskin all the way forward and tongued deep down inside and around the head something not many women know how to do,after that it seemed to become a real cock fest.
    Before any fucking started she insisted on putting a condom on each of us with her mouth which was really hot,she then stood up and straddled me with her legs around my waist and her arms around my shoulders,I felt her moving to find my cock, and then felt her slowly easing herself onto it,she asked Adam to take her ass,and of course he needed no coaxing, I have to say it was the most amazing feeling to feel her ass stretching wide around just the head of his cock,it felt like we were both in her pussy,and that was still to come.
    We laid her down and it was the birthday boy who really started the hard fucking,each one of us took his turn pounding hard and fast,and she met each cock with greed!.
    We next moved to the flatbed and thats where the dp's started,I doubled up with the other Edmonton pipeliner whose cock was almost as thick as mine but longer with a huge apple,it took a while for us both to fully open her up as she was a small build, but once we were both in there it truly was an unbelievable feeling,one of the other crew was fingering her asshole and I felt him run his fingers around her incredibly stretched pussy,one of the guys later told me it really was something to see, the way her pussy took both shafts and he said he almost blew right then.
    She didn't do double anal however and said later had one of us been a bit smaller she MAY have tried!.
    We kept her on that flatbed pounding that little pussy which by the way was perfectly shaved,until it really was swollen and red,she wanted all of us to come on her anywhere,so as the condoms were being ripped off there was come flying everywhere,her bellybutton was full and her belly was soaked,I blew all over her tits the first time and then jerked off all over her face,I think every dude came twice it was so hot you couldn't help it believe me,and she didn't make a move to stop until every guy was done and really spent.
    I dont think I have seen one girl covered in so much cum in my life,she sure made Tom one happy birthday boy.
    So there you have it about the Logger Party Girls.
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  2. novice_btm

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    Feb 25, 2006
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    Los Angeles (CA, US)
    So, where's the sign-up sheet to be a Logger Party Girl? :tongue:
  3. MonsterUncut

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    Apr 7, 2006
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    And the list begins....I'd like to be on that list also. Sounds Fucking Hot!

  4. B_cigarbabe

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    Nov 10, 2006
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    I'd like to watch everyone who wants to be on that list!
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