Rope Burns - Part 1

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    I told him he could do whatever he wanted. That i was at his disposal. All i really wanted was for him to have his way with me. He knew i was new at the BDSM scene and was very curious. I told him i didn't really like pain but i loved to be restrained. He seemed to get this twinkle in his eye- i can only imagine what thoughts when through his head at that moment. Little did i know i was going to find out so soon.

    He was very tall, had clear green eyes, a 5 o'clock shadow and a lean build. I have to admit i was looking for a buldge in his slacks. I didnt see much to write home about, but i was more than a willing partner to take whatever he had to give me.

    We soon met up at a little coffeeshop to discuss under what conditions our adventure would take place. I had a lump in my throat and sweat on my brow from fear, anxiety and excitement. I felt a little like a virgin all over again. I knew i would be exposed and vulnerable at his hands. I pictured myself contorted into all positions at his mercy...

    We planned to meet Thursday at 8pm. I dont know if i will be able to get sleep between now and then.


    Wednesday was such a nervous day for me. I kept wondering how i could make him remember the experience with me. Im sure he'd done everything so many times with subs but I wanted to be different and stand out in his memory. I wanted to make his cock swell with excitement everytime he pictured me under his command. Everytime he imagined how i look hogtied and gagged with him sitting on top of me. I wanted him to fuck me so hard and i was getting braver at the very thought of it!

    I did manage to get a little sleep inbetween the strange bondage dreams i had. Some parts were sensual and some were terrifying. I knew i needed to clear my mind and not prepare for it too much since his persona was going to dictate the evening, not my desires. I was a fool to think he would submit to my comfort levels. I knew i'd be pushed to the limits psychophysiologically. I swallowed hard at the reality of it all.

    I will go to the store to pick out an outfit to wear after work. The time is drawing near and i will soon have a night i will never forget!
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    Oh yes sweetheart...that is exactly right....just how you feel just before an encounter..plase write more...PLEASE!!!
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    Love your writing style!! Can't wait to read more!
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