Seen One Youve Seen Them All...


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Jul 9, 2004
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Last night I got into the dog house with my significant other (SO), again, over a reality series woman. O.K., not just any woman but Amber Brkich of Survivor and now Amazing Race, a woman I put into the uberbabe catagory; a woman as hot as Anna Nicole Smith is revolting. I can't help it. :evilgrin: For those from Namibia or Siberia reading this- trust me, her smile could melt the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica.

Anyway, I was sitting in my lounge chair last night clad in my loose boxers while SO was on the couch reading a magazine when the show Amazing Race started. In a true automatic Povlovian response, the second I saw Amber Brkich's smiling face on the screen my penis noticed as well. Moments later, as I rose from my chair to venture into the kitchen in search of a glass of Beringer Merlot, my partially inflated penis, now hanging well out of my boxers, made a loud "Thwack" sound against my left leg passing dear sweet SO. SO looked at the TV, shot a look at "it", and said "have fun knocking yourself out" as she darted into our bedroom.

This is not the first time a subconsious automatic lengthening has brought on a comment like this. After nearly a year she is anesthetized enough with my 13" penis in all its conditions to assume a slightly annoyed (or pissed-off) attitude with it when its owner (me) doesn't please her. I recall once getting out of a warm shower and flopping past her after a little tiff- "Can't you strap that Goddamn thing to your leg?" Not exactly the voice of romance. My typical response, "Wadda I do?"

So ladies, question. Do you feign indifference/boredom/annoyance to your lover's penis at times in order to bring him in line? Do you assume a "ho-hum, seen one you've seen them all attitude" to bring his ego into check? Interesting question waiting for a female opinion.


pdrprst: They flop. That's what they do. If she can't deal with it there are plenty of men out there that just wiggle.

Seriously, it sounds like she needs to keep her fights above the belt if those comments were made in anger and not jest. Also ask yourself if the good times outweigh the bad. Not every relationship is til death do us part.


Deb: Indifference? Boredom? Annoyance? These are not words "I" would associate with my b/f's penis. Afterall, I need his penis just as much as his penis needs me. :lol: