she's out of my life and i want her

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    on an island from the pacific
    She’s out of my life; yes she’s out of my life
    And how weird it is not to have her here, I’m used to holding her
    And my arms are searching for her small shoulders that they used to hold so close
    I let her go only to realize that I need her more than I think I need to live
    I should have say yes when she said “ is it still there?”
    She had fooled me long, she had fooled me wrong
    But the pain that she stabbed on my heart was less painful than her falling apart
    The day when she cried, was excruciating sight for me
    As the song played on the radio, my heart can scream that I love her, I still do
    But don’t have the strength to do so, shall I call her?
    Regret, yes I do
    How foolish, I think. I come to realize I love her so so much
    I love her more today.
    I saw her today with another guy on the lobby, I don’t know if he’s the new one
    But there is the smile that I used to see her, and I felt her radiance
    So I bid my time on the small coffee shop, so I went back they’re not there
    As I step on the elevator, she’s there with the guy, just the two of them
    I don’t know how to react, and my tears are starting on my eyes
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