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    shared ski houses offer great opps for "accidentally" revealing oneself... anybody have any stories in that genre? in the past my wife has often returned from a day on the slopes, shed her outer gear and just spent the evening in her skin tight long undies... I love the stares she gets from our friends, although it is honestly a non-sexual thing for her... a few weeks ago she was in her "base layer" and got down on all fours to work on a puzzle... her delicious rear was raised high in the air, each perfect curve of her cheeks accentuated by the deep reverse arch of her back and the clinging fabric of her tights... my friend pulled me aside and was like "if I look at your wife's ass in those tights one more time I am going to explode". As for myself, I always try to time my morning visit to the bathroom so that I'll pass one of the females in the hall wearing long underpants, or soft clingy sweatpants, and nothing else...
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