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    Hardwear - It does pretty much what it says it will do. If you normally shoot jelly strings inside your cum, you don't want this. It doesn't allow them to come out, which is unsatisfying to anyone that shoots them out normally. It will make your cum shoot pretty far... but shooters aren't what get me hot, so that's a big "meh" for me.
    It's mostly comfortable, unless your erection is RAGING hard... then it starts to ache on the top. :c
    The pewter model is FAR too maleable and WILL bend into odd (but usuable) shapes... and the other models are FAR too expensive.
    The customer service is very good, especially with helping you get sized.

    Magic Shave - Ok, this product (in powder form) smells FUCKING HORRIBLE. It works, but the effects only last a few days (this is a depilatory, for those that don't know). It WILL chemical burn the scrotum (ugh, how useless) but not the asshole or shaft of the penis (yay). I'm never using the powder form again, though. The lingering stench for hours is not worth it. When the hair grows back, it freaking hurts (more than shaving). No, you don't have to deal with shave bumps.
    The cream form doesn't work. It burned my face (not bad, it healed well) and left half of my peachfuzz beard on... It doesn't smell nearly as bad but that seems to mean it's not as powerful asd the powder form.

    Proactiv - The first step is a scrub.. nothing special. The second step BURNS the hell out of shaved skin, or skin that's very dry after a shower. All of the other steps are rather comfortable and are mainly steps to prevent oil from forming while still providing moisture to the skin.
    On day 2 of my use, I formed a zit on my cheek. On day 4, it was still there... in full. I opened it, then applied all of the components (twice a day). By the middle of day 5, it was gone. I'm on day 6 now. I can't give this a truly proper evaluation, yet, since I've been on it such a short time. This is one of those long-term products.

    So yea, I guess you could call this a heads-up for anybody interested in any of those products. o_O I'm not sure if this goes against the site's rules (I saw one guy get banned for talking about a product, but he had shares in it). I don't have any affiliation with these companies, so meh to that.

    I also bought those Andrew Christian retro swimtrunks! XD They fit nicely... except the front. ;) I'll have to figure out how to get a good photograph in them, sometime. :p Who wants to throw me a pool party, even though it's past labor day? XD
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