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    After the Madrid attack, something completly different but also not...

    Due to Madrid, again all the radio & tv stations where playing several days "easy / soft pop music" in respect of the deads and the memorials all over europe. I have to say that many of those terrible events happening in the world also opened my eye concering "special music" linked to the event, attack of murder. Every time I hear this "specail song or theme" it brings me back to ties terrible, sad or very special events. All ties songs / music got for me a very special time / period meaning.

    - Like the song " Candle in the wind" of Sir Elton John during the dead of Princes Diana.


    - Like the classical music piece of William Orbid during
    11 Sept. ( I can't remember the name of this part )


    - Like during my grandmother dead,
    J.S. Bach's Cantato No. 78, (Goos skin maker )

    - My first relation/failing in love period) the beautiful song of "Tinseltown in the rain" by the Blue Nile.
    I think this last music piece, which is one of my favourite love songs ever, excellent - the talk talk comparison is very close - During highschool I was a "New Wave" fan so in most ways we where totally distinct except for the basic moods. Full of twinkling, lush, melancholy and cinematic.

    Anyway, what is your ever "special song" in memory of an special event ?

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