Sooo.. I told him...

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    May 13, 2010
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    So... we got drunk and i ended up telling him i used to like him. And i really regret it. Nothings changed between us and he's cool about it but i just really wish i hadnt said anything. I feel like because he knows certain things are a bit more awkward now, like when was helping him choose a halloween costume and he thought it was too sexy, i said it was ok that it was sexy and he said remember what we spoke about, its not good for you, and i just feel horrible. I didnt really get to explain properlly on account of being drunk and we havent really had the time to speak about it since, i let him know that i want to talk about it but he insists that we dont need to.

    I did let him know that i wouldnt let myself like him like that and he was glad because he didnt want anything to ruin our friendship...

    I feel like i should take a step back and spend a little less time with him, for myself more than anything...
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