Spare The Rod

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    At eighteen I was the oldest boy in my boarding school. I suppose I was expected to set an example to the other boys which is why all the teachers were disappointed when I was found to be blind drunk one weekend. There were only two weeks to go until I left school for good; my exams were over and I hadn't a care in the world.

    However Mr. Bevan, my house master, did not see it that way. Legal age or not the school would not tolerate any consumption of alcohol. When I had sobered up he demanded to see me, in full uniform, in his study. Despite his stern manner Mr. Bevan, a bachelor in his early forties, had featured in my fantasies many a time. Although he had always come across as rather asexual I decided to see if I could get a response from him.

    I dressed in the tightest pair of flannel trousers I could fit into. They rode right up into the crack of my sports toned arse. In front my balls flopped down each side of the fly seam as it tore into my flesh. I borrowed a shirt from a junior boy. It threatened to tear across the shoulders and gaped open between buttons, exposing a chest that already had a light dusting of blond hair. With my tie and cap on skew I thought I looked the part. I had to stop looking at myself in the mirror as I was beginning to turn myself on.

    The look in his eyes told me all I needed to know. Mr. Bevan was not asexual. He was simply a very professional man doing his job to the best of his ability. And I was testing him to the very limit. His guard dropped for a moment and I could see hunger and yearning written all over his face.

    'It is a very naughty thing you have done, Mr. Blue.' he said.

    'Yes sir.' I replied. I wasn't sure if he was talking about my drinking or dressing like a male slut.

    'You have two choices.' he continued. 'As you think you're man enough to drink you can take your punishment like a man and take six strokes of the cane. Or we can tell your parents about this and let them deal with it.'

    I knew that my parents would not be too bothered. However, the thought of being caned appealed to me. Not once in my long school career had I been naughty enough to warrant it. It would be something to look back on and laugh at.

    'I'll take the six strokes, sir.' I said.

    He sat down on a straight backed chair.

    'Right, drop your trousers and lie down across my lap.' he said.

    I took my time about dropping trou. I saw him sneak a look at my fresh, young cock as I lay down in his lap. He brought the cane down with a thwack. It hurt more than I thought it would and I clenched my buttocks.

    'Oh Mr. Blue, I am sorry.' I heard Mr. Bevan say. 'That was harder than I meant it to be.'

    He rubbed his hand across my butt cheeks.

    'How does it feel?' he asked.

    'It feels better when you rub it, sir.' I said.

    'I've got some chamomile lotion. That should make it feel better. Would you just get up for a minute?'

    My hard cock slapped against my belly as I stood up. His eyes grew as large as saucers but then, ever the professional, he turned away and shuffled off to get the chamomile lotion.

    'Now, let's see, where were we?' he said when he returned. I had been fisting my cock in his absence and a long streak of precum dripped from the eye now.

    'You were going to rub my bum sir.' I said.

    'No need to put it like that Blue.' he replied tersely, pretending not to notice my hard on, but flustered all the same. 'Now come and lie down again.'

    He applied some lotion to my butt cheeks and began to rub it in. The sting of his cane had long gone. I concentrated on the wonderful feelings his hand gave me. My hungry cock poked into his thigh.

    At length I heard Mr. Bevan sigh. 'It's much too beautiful to cane. We'll have to find some other way of punishing you Blue.'

    I sat up in his lap and cupped my hand around the hard on that strained the cloth of his slacks.

    'If you're going to spare the rod sir, then perhaps you could punish me by poking this big thing into my arsehole.' I said.

    'I, er…I could….I could get into trouble for that.' he panted.

    'I would be too humiliated to tell anyone about it sir,' I replied.

    Suddenly he realized that I was firmly on his side in this game of seduction. His career was safe. I was an adult, if only just, and free to decide what I wanted to do with my body. His eyes lit up at the possibility of pleasure.

    'Are you absolutely sure about this?' he checked, one last time.

    Continued in Part 2
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    In reply I got down on my knees and unbuttoned his fly and lowered his zipper. His huge cock was trussed up in the tiniest pair of bikini briefs I’d ever seen. Actually, I guess they were probably normal sized but his cock and balls so were large that they just stretched the fabric to within an inch of its life. It was hard to reconcile stern Mr. Bevan with these tiny little red scants, much less with the monster cock that looked so uncomfortable laying across his thigh and causing the waistband to sag.

    I hooked my fingers in the waistband of his undies and pulled them down his shapely legs. I was surprised at how beautifully tanned and sexy they were, all covered in incredibly long, soft fur. But what I wasn’t quite prepared for was the dick of death that sprang free as I lowered his undies down to his knees. It was a delicate pink color and had a very long puckered foreskin; I’d never seen one quite so long before and it looked both exciting and ridiculous at the same time. But I dutifully opened wide and started chewing on his pink puckered skin. His massive cock tapered from the base to the head, with the head –outlined through the delicate skin - being incredibly narrow, like a spear tip. I was amazed that his cockhead was still covered by foreskin even though he had a boner as my own foreskin rode back at the merest hint of action. He sighed softly as I chewed down on his excess skin and stroked his furry thighs. It amazed me to think that just a short time ago he was attempting to punish me and now here he was feeding me his juicy cock!

    I came off his juicy foreskin and gently peeled it back. I was surprised at how easily it retracted, melting back into the skin of his shaft until his delicate red cock head was exposed. His cock was incredibly whiffy but in that moment in time his cheesy stench was an aphrodisiac that inflamed my already unbridled lust. It was as if the sex stench receptors that early humans must have had when we dragged our knuckles on the ground in the distant mists of evolution had not been bred out of my genes. I smeared my fingers all over his shiny knob, making him wince in a mixture of pain and pleasure because of how sensitive it was, before holding them under my nose and inhaling his potent man funk. The precum leaked out of my aching cock in a steady stream; I had never in my young life experienced something that was so stinky and yet which turned me on so bad.

    ‘Oh Mr. Blue! Mr. Blue!’ he yelped as I took that narrow, red cockhead into my mouth and love-licked it into a frenzy.

    His fingers dug into my shoulder blades as he started pushing more and more of his huge cock into my mouth. I tried my best, I really did, but I couldn’t take more than half of it without gagging. It turned me on to hear this conservative, stern house master reduced to a mumbling wreck as I juiced his cock and stroked his thighs and played with his fat balls. I now stroked into his furry crack until my fingers brushed against his slightly clammy little love lips. I traced the outline of his puckered flesh and then withdrew my finger and sniffed it.

    ’Mr. Blue! You really are a dirty little slut!’ he cried as he pulled me to my feet and kissed me.

    His huge cock prodded my smooth, taut belly as our bodies mashed together. I stroke his back and down onto his small arse, seeking the heat of his little truffle once more. But he had other ideas. He pushed me down on the bed and parted my peachy cheeks and then my house master drove his tongue into my willing hole. I yelped and thrashed about on the bed as he ate me out. It was clear he was into bum, lived for it, and worshipped it. I surrendered my bottom to him completely as his tongue drove me insane. And when I felt the cold gel being applied to my tight hole I didn’t argue even though I knew that his massive cock of his would stretch the elasticity of my ring to the maximum and probably cause me more pain than his cane had.

    Mr. Bevan kissed the small of my back and told me how beautiful I was, and how a pert, peachy bum such as mine was just born to be fucked. He had my head in a spin and when he started finger fucking me I was so turned on and so relaxed that his fingers sliced through me as easily as a hot knife does through butter. And all the time he finger fucked me he kept praising me, telling how much I turned him on until I was a quivering wreck and asked him to prove how much he wanted me. The master positioned himself behind me, supporting his weight on his hands, and very, very gently began his assault on my little sluthole. He took his time and at first just rubbed against my puckered flesh, making my nerves zing! Then slowly, slowly, he started pressing that slender cockhead into me, before withdrawing it again. I could feel my asslips desperately trying to grab hold of that cock and draw it in but he took his time. By the time he started the slow slide into my guts I was more than ready and he went in as if on rails. He let out a loud, satisfied groan when he was buried to the bone and I positively beamed with pride, knowing that I had successfully accommodated his monster cock. My ass was born to be fucked, after all.

    ‘Oooh Mr. Blue, this is without doubt the tightest hole I’ve ever fucked.’ he sighed.

    Hearing my house master use the word ‘fuck’ got me very excited; it sounded ten times more potent in his clipped accent. Before, I had found it hard to believe that he ever had sex, let alone used the ‘f’ word. How wrong I was. This man hid a huge weapon of a cock in his drab slacks and he sure knew how to fuck. He was extremely gentle and kept checking in with me to see that I was okay. I was more than okay; my ass was on fire with wanting Mr. Bevan and his big juicy cock. I loved the way he kissed the nape of my neck and whispered sweet nothings in my ear as he stroked through my fiery depths. I had set out that day to tease him but I think he would have the last laugh; I was very rapidly falling in some kind of love-lust with Mr. Bevan and within a fortnight I would be going back to the States. The thought of having to get through my days without his magnificent beef injection, and without the touch of his warm soft hands, and the erotic thrill of his tender kisses, seemed unbearable. I was being filled to perfection, and dominated so agreeably that I never wanted it to end.

    On and on he fucked until the sweat dripped from his body onto mine, until my nerves were frazzled, until I felt like my guts might explode from being over stimulated. But I had the best, most considerate lover in the world. We change positions so that I was now lying on my side and his expert hand started giving attention to my reawakened cock. It was soon swollen to its maximum proportions and leaking a river of precum which he smeared into the flared cap. I strained against his touch, wanting to feel the warmth of his fist envelope my shaft. But instead he used just his thumb, fore and middle fingers on me, stroking the sensitive underside of my cock.

    ‘Please, please….’ I begged, unable to formulate the rest of the sentence.

    But he just kept stroking me that way. My shaft and balls ached for attention but the torment of the way he was stroking just somehow intensified the delicious prodding of his big cock into my by now very relaxed and slippery asshole. Each stroke now seemed better than the last and I was so close to the cliff edge. I wished he would wrap his paw around my straining cock and milk the sticky seed out of it but still he teased on with his delicate finger work. My breathing grew ragged. The soles of my feet began to burn. My cock ached. I was heading over the edge of the cliff.

    ‘Nggggrrrhhh!’ Mr. Bevan suddenly cursed as he stabbed that monster cock deep into my guts. It was the trigger I needed. Huge spurts of clotted cream erupted out of my cock and flew through the air. The first two splatted against my chest and the rest drenched his bed covers.

    As we lay in the after glow Mr. Bevan rubbed my cream into my chest and belly while his cock slowly deflated and slipped out of my happy, well used arsehole. If this was the reward for breaking the rules I was determined to be bad every single day of my remaining two weeks at school.
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    Hot! Can't wait for more
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    Sydney, Australia
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