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Story Developing through Chat

Discussion in 'Fictitious Stories' started by tigolbitties, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. tigolbitties

    tigolbitties Well-Known Member

    Aug 26, 2008
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    Ok so this guy IM'd me on yahoo and started asking lame questions like "where are you from?" So I typically give sarcastic answers... this one I decided to give an erotic answer.

    I told him I lived on a deserted island in the middle of the Indian ocean where myself and 3 girls were kept as sex slaves for 9 black men and one white man. And he played along and we chatted for a while about it. Then his internet connection died.

    Anyways, if anyone else would like to talk about this, as though it is real, PM me on yahoo (bigtits_n_proud_of_it).

    Perhaps with your permission I'll post the transcripts on here and maybe someone will be inspired by them to write a story about this island.

    Here's some of our conversation:

    Flash Flash: And you keep your big tits in this exhile? What a shame...
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: I live here with my 9 black masters and one white master
    Flash Flash: Keeping yourself busy uh?
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: they do
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: i live to serve them
    Flash Flash: Mmm sounds sexy... Do they have many needs?
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: yes sir
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: many degrading tasks, sexual tasks, servant tasks...
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: all I do is serve them 24/7
    Flash Flash: More than one at the same time?
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: usually they prefer me to themselves
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: once and a while though they get pissed and attack me like a pack of dogs
    Flash Flash: I am sure you don't mind... You make me horny
    Flash Flash: What things they make you do?
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: earlier today one of them fucked me in his bathroom before he took his shower.. he had me bent over his sink just railing me from behind and then he came in me and pulled out and his cum spilled all over the tile floor of his bathroom
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: he wasn't happy
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: that i couldn't keep it held inside myself
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: so he made me lick it all up off the tile flooor
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: and then he essentially just made me clean his entire bathroom floor with his tongue
    Flash Flash: I wouldn't be happy either you slut
    Flash Flash: That was you master's gift
    Flash Flash: And you wasted it
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: yes sir
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: i deserved my punishment
    Flash Flash: Did he rub your big tits in it?
    Flash Flash: That is what you deserved
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: no he just put his foot on the back of my head
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: and made me go face first against it
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: I know the white master has needs that i'll need to take care of after my break
    Flash Flash: Has he? Will you be good this time?
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: I'll try.
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: my pussy is broken though
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: these guys are animals
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: all night, every night i get fucked.. one after another..
    Flash Flash: Are they big?
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: and I don't know who I'm fucking next.. after one guy is done with me he tells me where to go next
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: sometimes they'll tell me to go to general common rooms and it'll be dark there and a guy will just take me and i have no idea who it is
    Flash Flash: Mmmmmm sexy
    Flash Flash: hey
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: hey?
    Flash Flash: sorry just logged in from my pc...
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: oh ok
    Flash Flash: one after the other uh?
    Flash Flash: I would love to be there
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: last night three times iw as fucked without ever seeing the guy
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: i hope it was one of my masters... but it could have been anyone
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: it was so dark
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: it gets so dark here at night, there are no lights
    Flash Flash: mmmmmmmmm stop making me so hard
    Flash Flash: you are being a good servant
    Flash Flash: your masters must be pleased
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: no they're angry
    Flash Flash: why is that?
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: they say i'm too loose now...
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: they keep talking about going exclusively to another hole...
    Flash Flash: are you very loose?
    Flash Flash: what is gonna be of you?
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: i am loose.. they're all so big
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: i'd only had guys who were 5 or 6 inches before i came here..
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: 6 inches seemed huge
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: they're all over 8
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: way over 9
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: way over 8
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: its scary
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: and they just pound at me without mercy
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: they aim to hurt me
    Flash Flash: you love it though don't you?
    Flash Flash: You are a good servant to them right?
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: yes sir
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: there's more than just me though
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: there's 3 girls...
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: and the other two apparently have been able to keep tight
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: i try doing kegals
    Flash Flash: I wanna see a picture of you
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: but they just fuck me harder than them i swear
    Flash Flash: stop moaning
    Flash Flash: do you play with the other girls?
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: no
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: we rarely see each other
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: they tell me i'm fatter than them all the time
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: and they always tell me that they're going to bring my sister to the island and have their way with her
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: she's so innocent... they'd kill her if they fucked her like they fuck me
    Flash Flash: do you?
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: do i what?
    Flash Flash: do they make you play with the other girls?
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: no
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: we're only together very briefly ever
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: they're afraid we'd band together and escape
    Flash Flash: show me more pics
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: wait
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: first
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: which do you think i am?
    Flash Flash: I can't see the picture...my connection faltered earlier
    Flash Flash: send it again
    Flash Flash: hey?
    Flash Flash: wow
    Flash Flash: you girls are very sexy
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: which one do you think is me?
    Flash Flash: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    Flash Flash: dark hair?
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: yes sir
    Flash Flash: I can only see the 1st pic though
    Flash Flash: you look very sexy
    Flash Flash: nice big tits
    Flash Flash: your masters are lucky
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: why can you only see the first pic?
    Flash Flash: dn't know
    Flash Flash: the others are sort of broken
    Flash Flash: u are nice and tanned
    Flash Flash: I would love to play with you...
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: i don't like to be complimented
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: i like to be insulted and made fun of, abused and used
    Flash Flash: you look stupid in that pic
    Flash Flash: your friends look like they can handle a cock much better than you
    Flash Flash: isn't that true?
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: i can handle it better than them... but they're tighter than me sir
    Flash Flash: I don't think so...they are better than you
    Flash Flash: you are a disgrace
    bigtits_n_proud_of_it: yes sir
    Flash Flash: I would never fuck you
  2. tigolbitties

    tigolbitties Well-Known Member

    Aug 26, 2008
    Likes Received:
    anyone interested in talking more about this weird little scenario?
  3. therock3006

    Gold Member Verified

    Oct 30, 2006
    Likes Received:
    Toronto (ON, CA)
    Very much so, you have my yahoo :)
  4. tigolbitties

    tigolbitties Well-Known Member

    Aug 26, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Online at work and bored if anyone's creative.
  5. tigolbitties

    tigolbitties Well-Known Member

    Aug 26, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Have talked to some great guys.

    Around a bit today.
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