str8 or leaning str8 guys talkin size and comparing

Discussion in 'Personal Ads' started by D_Raynor Scheiniglans, Jul 18, 2007.

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    May 1, 2006
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    any str8 or leaning str8 guys like conversations about comparing and knowin who is bigger or smaller? And comparing the two in terms of size and shape and which would please a woman more?

    Not in terms of "humiliation", but in the spirit of masculine competition and pride. "You're a strong, studly man.... but I'm more strong and more studly." that kinda feeling. honest, straightforward, neither being pissed because they lost of being rediculously proud because they won.

    anyone out there enjoy that kinda competition and conversation?
    message me. on Yahoo, my handle is jjdov26. I have mic for voice chat, but no cam.

    hope to hear from some soon.
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