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    First installment of what is planned to be a longer story eventually. Enjoy. :biggrin1:


    It was impossible not to notice him as he entered the room; not with that particular air about him that said seducer and womanizer. Someone to lavish attention on and play around with the object of his attention until he grew tired of it and moved on to the next one. The eyes scanning the crowd told her he was looking for something to catch his interest.

    One hand absentmindedly pulled the dress lower on her shoulders – a bit more skin would not hurt in what she was about to do. A moment's focus to put her in the right frame of mind and then the sound of her heels clicking against the floor as she moved over, up behind where he stood. Close enough to stroke up against him and purr in his ear.

    “Hey lover. Lonely tonight?”

    No more than the quick touch of her body against his back and those words, then back off and wait for the turn that surely would come. It was slower and more measured than expected. She smiled inwardly. He held back, tried to act unaffected, as if it he was used to being hunted down.

    She could tell he wasn’t prepared for what he saw. Tousled hair, lips slightly parted as if inviting further exploration, shoulders bared and glinting white against the black fabric. To a casual observer he would seem blasé and almost uninterested - only his eyes gave it away – that gleam of desire and lust in stark contrast to the calm face.

    It only took turning around and slowly walking off to make him follow. She knew the exact corner to take him to. Secluded enough to avoid most attention. Public enough to tickle his sense of adventure. This was not a man that would go for a closed and hidden away spot – she got the feeling his tastes were more exotic than that. That the thrill of discovery would rather encourage than make him shy away.

    The slight tremble in his body as he brushed up behind her made her slow down. Make him think he’s the hunter, she reminded herself – just a small step forward as if trying to get away. She leaned the head slightly to the side, exposing the neck, as his hands caught her and the arm around her waist pulled her tight against him. The lips behind her ear were soft, the voice slightly clouded from drunkenness and desire.

    “Not so fast woman. Don’t expect to get away with teasing me like that.”

    He twirled her around. Those lips were luscious; full and hungry for more. His eyes already glazed over and oblivious to the surroundings. One hand pulled up the layers of cloth in the skirt, lightly brushed the inside of the knee on its way up. She knew he wasn’t expecting what he found – the lacy edge of the stocking, the garter strung taut and then only smooth, soft skin.

    The fingers felt strong, yet soft and agile as they lazily slid over moist skin. As he suddenly pushed several of them inside she lost control over her own reactions for a second. The sensation that tore through the lower body pulled her head back and her eyes involuntarily closed.

    “Foolish woman. Thinking you are in control when my mind can see right through what you are doing and your body gives you away in an instant. For a mere mortal you are skilled in your tricks of seduction that much I will give you.”

    His smile was cruel, yet tempting, and a new look in his eyes showed glints of fiery red. The facial features seemed slightly turned. Cheekbones higher, eyes just barely slanted upwards. She couldn’t help but wonder if it had been there all along, if she had been too focused on the hunt to notice. Her thoughts spun around themselves at frightening speed and there was a sting of fear inside. Who was he? What was he?

    “My true form would only scare you mortal. Do not bother your head with this.”

    She felt like a helpless toy as he bent her over a chair and flipped the skirt up over her head, blocking her vision. There was no way to resist it, not that she really wanted to. Hands roamed her body, cradling her breasts through the thin fabric. Moments later those pleasurable shivers down her spine mingled with the strain of something far beyond human trying to find its way inside her.

    Her mouth opened in a silent scream. One part of her wanted him to go away, remove the agony and pain; the other to go with the desire that coursed through her, beckoning her to give in to it. The laughter inside her head made her none the wiser. It was a woman. She could tell as much by the lighter tone of it.

    “I know what you are fighting my dear. It is the same for all when they meet him. The conflict between mind and body.”

    The voice was filled with equal parts honey and fire.

    “Open up to him, to your desires and let him take you on a journey that no mortal man can offer. Your body is ready and willing even if your mind makes you fear he will tear you apart.”

    The image that appeared in her head - mouth open and cheeks flushed as the young man pushed his hips towards her shot a current of pure, unadulterated craving through her. She needed him, but couldn’t help gritting her teeth through the sensation of him finding his way further in. The voice in her head sounded amused.

    “Stop battling yourself sweetness. There is no other way to discover than to let him have his way with you.”

    Another image flashed before her eyes – her back arched up, breasts rounded and heaving with each breath; the young man throwing his head back as he slammed into her full force. She heard her own breathing, muffled and distorted as if coming from somewhere distant and let herself get carried away on another wave of arousal.

    The heat radiating from him felt like a trail of burning coals inside. Then his hands grabbing hold of her hips, pushing her away from him, creating an aching emptiness inside. Only to pull her back again, her body eagerly accepting him again. One. Two. Three. Until she lost count and could only focus on the heavy, pulsating need for release that flooded through her.

    One last violent pull back filled her stomach with liquid fire and her ears with a deafening, guttural roar. Nails dug deep into her hips as she struggled to get away from the pulsating heat inside. She couldn’t tell if it was just another image planted in her mind or not, not that it mattered as her body melded with the heat and contracted around him as her mind went blank.
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    Nice start, nice start:smile:
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    fun fact:
    a succubus is a female demon who seduces men, an incubus is vice-versa
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