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    I know it's rare, and probably even oxymoronic in today's society but I was happy with my penile size up until about a few months ago when I grew again. WEel, I grew all over and seeing as I'm young I don't mind but for some reason since I like to look at my entire body and how fits together my penis is actually a little too big.

    It has achieved a state of 9" erect over the course of six months after some serious vitamin therapy and workouts but this is merely half an inch and in comparison I grow in spurts so it's not abnormal per se. It's just now I'm clumsy with it. The first time I had sex 7.5" was the record and that was four years ago now. Now I have to slow down with the same partner because, well it's not exactly the same size anymore.

    It also is clumsy in my pants so I've started sitting around naked more often now. As a matter of fact I haven't worn clothing at home in like three weeks due to the sheer uncomfort of doing so. Random erections in public are problematic too. Maybe I was wrong to wish for more! :confused:

    I'm curious: Does anyone else have these perception? I can guess the answer, but I'd rather just hear it from others around me.
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