Summer - Part 2

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    'Please Mrs Costello, I want to fill your fuckhole with my cock,' he'd used the words he'd heard her use and she was eager to feel that virgin cock deep in her.
    Reaching down she pulled him up so that her legs were draped over his shoulders, her cunt presented high, open, vulnerable for his entry.
    She watched as he took his cock in trembling hands and poised it at her hole, then as if she were made of glass he forced it in, in and in, his cock so big that there was a clear two inches left when he had bottomed out in her cunt. Treating her like a china doll he began to work it in and out, almost withdrawing then stroking smoothly, evenly all the way back in, flooding her with waves of pleasure that spread through her cunt reaching out and upwards to her tummy.
    'Deep Tom,' she groaned, 'hurt my cunt with your cock, take it.' She drew his hands onto her tits, her hands closing over his forcing him to grip them tightly, coaxing his fingers to pinch her nipples, pull them hard as she felt him begin to move deeper, harder, faster into her cunt, his cock filling her, the sound of it driving into her wet pinkness filling the room. The head of his cock banged hard against her cervix every time he thrust in, pleasure and pain made her moan and she begged him to fuck her hard. His hips moved wild and uncontrolled as he slammed his cock faster and deeper into her, his fingers now needing no aid as they teased her erect nipples, pulling them, pinching them hard between his fingers, making them engorge and ache. As he neared his orgasm his strokes became more brutal and his hands moved from her tits and she felt them under her arse lifting her cunt to his cock so he could drive his cock all the way in, her cunt loved and accepted his cock and as she looked into his eyes she saw his face contort as he came. Spunk flooded into her, hot, jet after jet as she came around his cock. Together they slumped satiated and happy, bodies damp, stinking of each other. Her arms around his broad shoulders, his arms around her waist his head on her chest contentedly lazily suckling on her nipple. Finally they had to move.
    They dressed and a broad grin covered his face as he looked at her.
    'I don't think I'll be charging you for today's work Mrs Costello.'
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    Short and very sweet! Nicely done. [​IMG]
    Write again for us soon,
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    Again, nice job, Princess.

    Keep it up. For all of us. :) ;)
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