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The Aragement

Discussion in 'Erotic Stories' started by angelene, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. angelene

    angelene Lurker

    Apr 3, 2010
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    Indigo and her sister Nina sat in there parents living room waiting for mom to come to talk to them about something, Indigo knew what it was as she sat on the couch looking at her sister across the way thinking that she would have a prearranged marriage not to just one man but two ,her sister was already married to two men, Indigo always hear her sister talking about her husband’s one day it would be I can’t stand this one likes his dinner before four the other likes his dick sucked before he go to bed.

    Indigo and Nina you in the living room?, Indigo and Nina shout out the same time yes mom !
    We both turned there was my mom smiling at us both mom sits down in her favorite chair
    Mom says Indigo me and your father found your husband’s Indigo turns and looks at her sister then turns to her mom and says mom I’m just not ready for this ,Mom gives Nina the look Nina gets up looks at me sorry Sis but I cannot inter fear she walks out quickly.
    Mom looks at me Baby this is just how it is you and Nina are not the only women with 2 Husbands you should fell special I know there’s so many things going on your mind that’s why we must talk.
    When you met these men you will meet them here at the house they bring there parents now you must understand you don’t choose them they choose you,

    Mom looking at me waiting for a answer all I was thinking in my head what if they are not attractive what if one has a big dick and the other a little dick what if they don’t want me because I’m to dark or while having sex I call out the wrong name or I don’t cook them dinner right or what if what if just what if I … Indigo got up and ran out the living room grabbed her keys and drove off confused scared

    Cell phone ringing in her back pocket Indigo stop in some parking lot tears just flowing to the point she couldn’t see grab cell phone out of back pocket looking at it mom flashing across screen, out loud Indigo says
    I can’t but then she thought to herself about how her mom and dad's prepared her for this day and how she went to her sister wedding and heard her sister talk about her husband’s and seeing both men my sister loved even though she had no choice phone kept ringing Indigo picks up phone yes mom

    Indigo come back I know you scared let’s talk some more or we don’t have to talk at all there was a few minutes of silence ok mom I’m coming home
    Indigo ‘s in her parents driveway she sees these bright headlights behind her and then parks next to her in her parents drive way she notice the car its Tuetone one of my sisters husbands

    Indigo gets out the car the sometime Tuetone does
    Hey Indigo heard the good news Indigo turn and looks him like I don’t want to talk
    Tuetone picked up on the look didn’t go any further with the conversation walks up to the house opens the doors Indigo right behind him
    Tuetone says Nina baby I’m here Nina comes out give Tuetone a big hug While standing on here tiptoes
    Tuetone hands slide to her ass Nina giggles stop that my sister right here
    Indigo says excuse me and walks down the hallway headed to her bedroom but dead in her tracks in the hallway is her dad
    Indigo we talk in the morning your mom went to be and that’s where I’m headed
    Two doors shut

    Mean while Tuetone and Nina in the foyer
    Tuetone looking at Nina Tuetone reach over start kissing Nina kissing real slow start kissing each others bottom and top lip Tuetone picks Nina up sit on the table by the door
    No baby stop What if and before Nina could say anymore tongue was down her throat Tuetones hands
    Touching her breast Nina’s legs wide open while Tuetone was between them Tuetone whisperd
    I got have this pussy I need this pussy creakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Tuetone backed up and Nina hoped both still clothed it was mom walking down the hallway don’t you two have a house to go to?
    Yes mom Nina says lets go home Tuetone
    As they head out Mom says goodnight you two
    Mom heads to kitchen thinking how she was just Like Nina at that age and Tuetone remind her of her husband just couldn’t wait to get this jungle booty she thought about him looking at her wedding ring on her right hand and her other wedding ring on her left and wished he was here.

    Will post Chapter 2 Sunday night
  2. angelene

    angelene Lurker

    Apr 3, 2010
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    Indigo woke up looked over at the clock it was 8:12am
    still a little upset about last night she heads downstairs her mom in the kitchen along with her dad
    good morning dad , mom
    mom says hi baby I know last night you had all these different feelings but we have to talk about this
    Indigo looking worried mom I want to talk to you alone sorry dad
    Understand dad leaves kitchen.
    Mom sit down at the table drinking her tea looks at Indigo come sit
    Indigo sits down hands in her lap looks at her mom in the eyes
    mom I’m going to say something and well it’s going to be pretty nasty as Indigo starts to go on,

    RING RING hold on baby hello yes this is she OK so tonight they both will be here
    Indigo’s eyes got big she didn’t know who her mom was talking to but she knew what it was about
    Indigo continued listening in on the conversion
    OK well I had talk to both there mothers and my daughter is very well educated she speaks over ten different languages and study different cultures is there some doubt about this?
    Ah I see, Indigo looking at her mother’s expressions and mom caught a glance at her daughter and smiled as everything is going well, OK then see you tonight bye.

    Mom sits back down everything OK mom? Yes Indigo everything alright that is Mr. Vendea he is like the Middle man. Indigo they just can’t wait to see you so tonight is the night.
    Oh shit mom I need talk to you
    Then talk Indigo Is my my, spit it out girl
    is my pussy going to be enough?
    Mom looked kind of took-en back but she always taught her daughter’s to speak there minds
    Indigo I can’t give you the answer to that question but I do know one thing you will figure it out.
    Mom that’s not a answer figure it out come on mom am I going to be on my back twenty four hours a day?
    Indigo am I on my back twenty four hours a day?
    No mom you not but I don’t know I mean Ive been practicing
    Indigo practicing what and with who you still a virgin right?
    Yes mom I’m still a virgin I use a dildo and give it head I know that is one thing that won’t get tired my mouth
    Both start laughing .
    For hours Indigo and her mom talked.
    After words Mom cleaning the house dad cooking.

    Indigo upstairs running a bath looking in her closet figuring out what to wear

    She walk in bathroom undressing and she turned looked in the mirror touching her neck looking at her breast she snapped out of it turn water off and put her toe in the bath water ah just right she slid

    slowly into the tub grabbed her favorite bath gel blossom cherry lathered her hands touch her breast rubbing them together then slowly down to her stomach she was thinking about these two men shes meeting tonight she wonder what they look like she hoped they had big dick’s I mean dick so long when he turn the corner you see his dick before you see hi.

    KNOCK KNOCK hurry up Indigo

    It was Nina knocking dam it Nina!, don’t dam it me Indigo mom told me to tell you to hurry up Nina walks off

    Indigo got out the tub dried off step into her bedroom and on her bed was a beautiful dress

    It was long strapless heart shaped the color indigo. She couldn’t believe what she saw
    Indigo yelled mom, mom please come up here!
    I’m coming Indigo I love the dress mom thank you.

    Indigo that dress didn’t come from me if came from one of your Husbands

    Mom there not my husbands yet you told me they choose remember?
    I do remember Indigo I have a good feeling about this. Well anyway mom I loved the dress can you tell me there names what they look like something mom
    Indigo i don't know there names or what they look like but they are not American

    well mom do they know what I look like? No Indigo they don’t know what you look like but they do know you are African American and how old you are and education.

    Get ready they will be here in forty three minutes and you sister and both her husbands are here Ill be in the living room if you need me
    Mom walks out closes door
    Hun is Indigo OK yes she’s OK wheres Nina and Tuetone, Santo they in the kitchen baby I don’t think she feeding her husbands cause they eating the hell out them crabs cakes. Both start laughing


    Mom yells Nina, Tuetone,Santo go in the living room they here
    Mom opens the door there stood both men mom looks at them both and for about a minute she just stood there and they just stood there Come on in I’m Indigo's father my name is Johnny and this her mother Paula.
    I’m glad to meet you men and your families
    They gather in the living room Nina and both there husbands inter deuce themselves Nina could not believe this shit she couldn’t stop looking at these men she snapped out of it uh mom you want me to get Indigo? yes baby go get Indigo
    Nina ran down the hallway didn’t even knock and before she could get a word out she saw her sister in that beautiful dress
    Sister you are so pretty they going to love you sis you are going to fall over when you see these men I couldn’t stop staring.

    Nina I’m scared

    Sis I will walk with you OK
    Nina walked down the hall way first and just outside of the living room everyone could see her
    And Nina says I would like to inter deuce you to my sister Indigo

  3. BigInBellevue

    Gold Member Verified

    Jan 31, 2010
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    Nashville (TN, US)
    Hard to read. Needs punctuation.
  4. Elro

    Gold Member Verified

    May 29, 2007
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    Paris, France
    Incredibly difficult to read. I gave up. It needs punctuation and proper syntax.
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