The Flight

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    John was a frequent business traveler. He was a real people watcher. He would sit in airport and just look at all the amazing people walking by and fantasize about some one them. John was a average guy, he tried to stay in good shape and went to gym a few times a week. The business travel also kept him on the go so he didnt have much time to have a relationship.

    John was coming back from a trip in Seattle. He arrived at the airport extra early for some shopping and dinner prior to his flight. He had a long flight ahead of him ( 6 hours across the country). John typically wore some loose dress pants and a casual shirt when traveling so he would feel comfortable. After dinner, he was sitting at his departure gate when an beautiful asian walked by. She really caught John's eye, she was wearing a nice short skirt and high heels. The skirt barely covered her perfect ass. she also had the most amazing eyes and lips. She sat down a few seats away from John. John hoped she was on his flight, but he never had any luck getting to sit next to anyone as amazing as her.

    The plane began boarding and John got his aisle seat as always so he could look at the people as they boarded. About 10 minutes into the boarding, here come the asian woman down the aisle, John watches her walk down as she stop next to him , Is she going to sit next to me he thinks? She tries to leift her heavy bag and bend over in front of John. To his surprise, her skirt lifts and he is gazing at here amazing ass and sexy black thong panties. John looks for a bit then stands and offers to help her. She thanks him with a soft sexy voice and looks him up and down quickly and smiles. She takes a seat in front of John. John is kinda disappointed. He had an empty seat next to him that he was hoping she would sit in.

    The flight took off and John fell asleep. About an hour into the flight, John is awaken by a tap on his shoulder. It is the beautiful asian woman. She wants to talk him again for the help and says her name is Sue. He introduces himself as well. She asks is he minded if she sat next to him , so they could talk some. He said , yes please do. John thought he was still dreaming but he wasnt. She expalined she was a fashion designer and showed John some of her work. He was impressed but was always looking at her amazing eyes. Her eyes just seduced him. He began to get very aroused.

    His cock began to throb in his dress slacks, become ever so noticable. He thought she noticed but wasnt sure, she just smiled but never said anything about it. John so wanted to tell her how he loved looking up her skirt and seeing her beautiful ass but he didnt have the nerve. He just enjoyed her company and the flight time went by so fast. They finally landed on the east coast. They said their goodbyes and wished each other well. John still being so aroused, headed for a handicap bathroom in airport to take care of his cock in private. He finds one only a short distance from the gate and goes in. as he is closing the door behind him he hears a soft voice , its Sue she asks him if he wants some company in there. He is shocked and jsut nods yes. she come in and he locks the door behind her.

    she gives him a big kiss and says I hope you liked looking at my ass the plane . I bent over just for you. I noticed you and wanted to tease you some. John doesnt say a word just unbutton his slacks and out come his hard thick cock. She looks at it in awe. John tells her its his turn to show . She gets on her knees and begins to kiss and lick it up and down the shaft. Precum begins to surge out the head but she licks it up immediately. she tried to deep thraot it but only can get some of it in.joh tells her he wants to taste her now. Sue stop and bend over exposing her ass and pussy to him . he licks her sweet nectar as she moans so softly. she begs him to fuck her. He slowly slides his cock inch by inch. She shutters with pleasure, he picks up the speed , in and out , in and out. They are ready to come and they release togther. They get dressed and leave . kissing each other good bye and thanking each other for an amazing trip.
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    nice, quick story.
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