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The lifeguard

Discussion in 'Fictitious Stories' started by 23_24, May 23, 2010.

  1. 23_24

    23_24 Well-Known Member

    Apr 13, 2007
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    Ok this is my first erotic story tell me what you think

    New day, new life. Uni was just what I wanted, a chance for change. I was your typical teenage guy, young, semi-fit, and horny. I spent my high school life being the fat geek that every jock picked on, fortunately over the summer holidays I slimmed down and muscled up. Now I had the body I always wanted thin and with some muscle tone, my beach brown hair and blue eyes were even more noticeable now and stood out well from my slightly defined body. I knew for years that I had been bisexual but never had the chance explore with other men, but I always hoped and fantasized about it. Uni I hoped would bring me these opportunities.

    The first week of uni went by slow for me, but I noticed a lot of young fit guys around me, some even checking me out. I was surprised that I was being checked out, but I found it hard to ask them out, so I did the cowardly thing and did nothing. The following week it was time to sign up for clubs, I decided I’d join the swim club that way I could show off my new body even though I wasn’t the strongest swimmer.

    The first day of training came, I easily swam the pools length, but I didn’t have the ease that the others had. The rest of the day was fine; the showers were fun to say the least. As a geek I never did any of the sports at school so I never went to the showers, but now I had to, for me it was like a buffet I could see everyone and everything I knew cocks came in all different shapes, sizes and colors but never got to see this first hand. I tried so hard not to stare at all the cocks laid out before me, each dripping with water and dancing in the rain created shower heads. Their whimsical dance enticed me. That night when I got to my room I just had to relieve myself. I dropped my pants, and let my soft 3.5” cock fall out. I felt the soft skin of my cock beneath my hand and jiggled it around a bit and remember the cocks that surrounded me in the showers. Soon I felt my cock begin to harden the soft pliable skin became hard and stretched to its limit and the veins began to show. My pink head began to become exposed as my foreskin rolled back and my sac begins to tighten. Soon it standing was to attention at a firm 7”. I grabbed it and squeezed as hard as I could and pumped away a little precum oozing out my head, I imagined the cocks I’d seen and imagined the touch of their warm skin in my hand, soon I felt my muscles tighten and my cock twitch with anticipation and soon my bed was spread with cum as I spasm with enjoyment and let out a groan as the drop made it’s way down my hand. Damn it felt good to have a wank after a week.

    The next few weeks went the same way, I’d watch as the cold water ran down each of my new mates cocks and drip from the tips of their cocks and as soon as I got home I’d have a wank imagining their cocks in hand wanking to a climax. The next week would turn out to be best of my young life.

    The swim club had organized to meet at a wave pool for a bit of fun. We swam for awhile I had steadily improved over the weeks and felt confident in my movements. All went well for the first while until I felt something hard hit my head and I was sinking I grabbed at anything. Next thing I remembered I was coughing, and my chest aching, then the world went sideways, I realized that someone moved me into the recovery position. I heard a smooth calming voice telling me everything was going to be all right. A strand of wet dark hair came into my vision and the smell of chlorine was strong.
    “Sir can you hear me?” I let out a barely inaudible groan. “There’s an ambulance coming”. He then sat me up and rubbed my back. I started to feel a little better. I turned to look at my savior. First thing I noticed was that the lifeguard was pretty damn hott. He had scraggly black hair and big green eyes and a perfect sun-kissed body with the water outlining each of his muscles. His speedos also looked pretty tight as though it was concealing something big. He turned to look at me.
    “My name’s Josh by the way”
    “Greg” I weakly coughed. “Thanks for saving me”.
    “I couldn’t let a good looking guy like you go to waste” he gave me a slight wink. I looked at him curiously, a hot guy like him making a pass at me, I just couldn’t believe it. “The ambulance is here now; I’ll accompany you to the hospital, to make sure you’re alright”. The ambulance ride was pretty uneventful, when we got to the hospital nothing much happened but I realized I had no way home, no wallet or phone. I had to ask Josh if I could get some money for a cab.
    “Hey Josh, could I ask you a favour?”
    “Sure mate what is it?”
    “Could I borrow some cash to get home?”
    “We can share a taxi, no problem” he gave me a look that seemed pretty suggestive.
    “You sure?”
    “Yeah man, it’s all good, where abouts you live?”
    “Waronga heights, it’s on the other side of town”
    “Sure thing. We’ll head there.” Josh promptly rung us a taxi.

    The taxi was there in no time.
    “To Waronga heights please. So Greg, what you into?”
    “Well the usually really, TV, gaming, swimming, sex the usual really. You?”
    “Pretty much the same mate. Your going to uni are you?”
    “Yeah. That’s why I joined the swim team.”
    “Ahh I can understand, a fine specimen like yourself looks like a swimmer” I noticed his hand creeping slightly closer towards my thigh. I said nothing after all he was hott and perfect.
    “Thanks, you’re a fine one yourself” I couldn’t but help look deep into his green eyes, his eyes were so beautiful I saw his hand move closer again, I felt my cock begin to twitch with anticipation, I could only hope what was going to happen next.
    “Were here, that will be $23.45 thanks” Josh promptly paid the cabby and got out of the car with me.

    We got to my room and I slammed the door shut. He began to pull his pants down revealing the tight the red speedos from before now showing an even bigger bulge. My cock began to grow to full size at the thought of revealing his cock; he began to pull off my shirt his beautiful green eyes staring deep into mine as he lifted the shirt over my head. My cock started to tingle, I couldn’t wait any longer I just wanted his cock. I began to tug at his speedos leading him to the couch, I eased him into the couch as he wiggled out of his speedo his huge gorgeous cock springing out at me, it was so beautiful I dreamed of this day for years, and now it was really happening. His cock would have to be at least 8” with a glorious vein running up the left hand side and his ball sac forming a fantastic love heart shape from below, it was just as I had imagined. I put my hand around it and felt it, the texture of his dick was so different to mine, it was rough and warm but pleasant I placed it to my lips, it had a sweet-salty taste, moved it past my lips this was it I was about to give a hot lifeguard a blow job. Moved his cock in and out my mouth working my cock around his glands and urethra, it was the most beautiful taste I had every experienced as I worked my way around his cock I fondled his balls feeling the lovely rough slightly hairy skin beneath my fingers I felt his cock tighten, this was it, I felt the hot warm sensation of his cum filling my mouth his cock pulsating against my tongue with every spurt, his groan was so beautiful and fantastic that it made me wanna record this sound and play it over for the rest of my life, the sound of me making another man groan with pleasure.

    Should I continue?
  2. twilightwolf69

    twilightwolf69 Well-Known Member

    Jul 9, 2008
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    Washington (DC, US)
    Of course you should!!!

    If you describe the sex like the masturbation scene up there, it should be a really good story.

    I can't wait!
  3. sunnyside4lyfe

    Gold Member Verified

    Feb 25, 2006
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    Hell yeah you should continue! lol
  4. rd62624

    Gold Member

    Sep 5, 2006
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    please keep it going
  5. SpeedoMike

    SpeedoMike Well-Known Member

    Nov 19, 2007
    Likes Received:
    San Francisco Bay Area
    yes... and what hit him in the head???
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