This is MY thread! However, I can share (reluctantly).

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    Let's start with an admission... I have literally been on here for months, but have yet to contribute. Partly because... I felt like one sweet ninja, going completely unnoticed and sneaking up behind threads when they had no idea. Somewhat because of crippling shyness. Partially because I have been contemplating what I could say in this introduction without sounding like a whore =/ (ain't got nothing against them, just don't want to be or seem like one) So don't try to get a hookup ;-)
    I don't like judging people on appearance, but I've had to recently after a string of boyfriends who couldn't satisfy me. So, I'm looking for a hung and strong guy... then we'll see if we get along lD
    Ok, well, I am 20 years old, transgendered, and gay. I realize that requires a little explaining. I think the '20 years old' is self explanatory, but if you need me to elaborate more in depth, just ask. I am transgendered because I am emotionally female and crossdress as often as possible. I am gay because I am physically male, attracted to men, and don't plan on getting a sex change ever. I have accepted myself as I am and having that surgery wouldn't really make me feel more comfortable in this body.
    I really hope some of my humor translated well into this medium =/ Je suis un peu impatiente, alors parlez a moi au'jourdhui! (Did I mention I'm working on becoming fluent in French?) Au revoir ^_^
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