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Discussion in 'Straight Adult Websites' started by TPE, Nov 22, 2009.

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    Post descriptions of videos you remember but just can't seem to locate again.

    I'm trying to locate a vid that I think was on moviesand. It seemed to be an amateur video with a hot, fit blonde guy and some girl. At the start he was telling her that it had to be on camera. At some point in the video he was making her comment on how huge he was while they were going at it.
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    One I am looking for is in the compliation Best of Hyapatia Lee Vol III -- That hot porn star Randy Somebody (can't remember the last name at the moment but 95% of you know it) played a husband and some young stud fucked his wife on the couch. Damn this guy could fuck so fast his butt was a blur. Fastest fucking I've ever seen in a porn vid. At the end, Randy kicks him out saying "We" (point to himself and his wife) "are done" and therefore the stud was done also. Sound familiar to anyone? I guess I should just buy the compliation. But if anyone has the compilation and can tell me the vid this is from and the actor's name that would be awesome.

    Would also be interested in hearing about other vids with jackhammer fucking that goes on for a long time.
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