Virgin's Story part 4...

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    When I got home there were multiple messages on my phone telling me what a good time she had and for me to call her. I called he the next day and that night she came to my apartment. It was early afternoon just after I had gotten home from work. I cooked her dinner and we spent the evening talking and getting to know each other. It was getting late when Andrea asked, can I stay the night? Sure I answered. I was not sure if she meant to sleep together or stay in my guest room, multiple things ran through my mind. I showed her where the bathroom was because she stated she wanted to take a bath and she asked to have one of my t-shirts. While she was in the bathroom I paced the floor worried about what to do. I was prepared to have safe sex but I was not sure how to even have sex. She called out my name and I walked to the bathroom door. She asked me to come in, I slowly opened the door I figured she had a towel around her but to my surprise she was sitting in the tub naked. Can you wash my back for me she asked? I kneeled by the tub looking at her stunning body, she was beautiful, and I could not old back my hard on. I washed her back, I could not help but staring at her tits, they were perfect. Her entire body was tan, smooth and very toned. Her tits were firm and her small nipples were erect. He pussy was just covered with bath water; she was shaven with just a small amount of hair cut short just above her pussy. She was done with her bath as she stood and I wrapped a towel around her. I exited the bathroom and headed back down stairs. I shut off all the lights and as I returned upstairs she was in my bedroom with just my t-shirt on. She was so fucking hot; her smooth toned body all cleaned and her hair just blown dry and soft. I could not help but seeing her firm tits through the t-shirt with no bra on and you could see her nice trimmed, closed shaven pussy hair. The room was filled with her scent, it was intoxicating. I sat down on the side of the bed and told her I had to be honest with her. I told her I was not sure what she wanted, I would be happy to sleep in the guest room or if she even wanted we could share my bed with no expectations.
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