Wal-mart part 3

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    As we both grew closer as the months past we would often talk about girls, sex, school, sports, all of the normal horny teen shit. We started a porn mag collection, me getting some from my older cousins and Adam getting some from his uncle. We would spend hours getting together and looking and porn. We hung out at school, after school, weekends, just about all the time. We lived very close to each other so this made it very easy. I finally asked Adam one day while looking at porn if he jacked off? Adam laughed and said what and the hell do you think I am doing in the bathroom after we look at this pussy. Danny smiled and answered that he often jacked off while Adam was in the bathroom. I know the kids at school make jokes about jacking off but you know they all do it said Danny. Adam agreed and said he saw no problem if the jacked off in front of each other. It was music to Dannys ears, he could not believe it but try not to show is real feelings. I won't tell if you don't tell stated Danny and they both stripped to find huge hard cocks. i could not take my eyes off of adam as he laid there stroking his big cock, we seemed to be close to the same size about 7 inches hard. My cock was plump and fat and Adams just a bit skinner. His balls were smooth and large as they bounced up and down as he stroked. I loved his light haired bush at the base of his shaft, I wanted to bend down and suck it so bad. Adam would often ask me would you like to fuck her? boy she has a nice pussy? look at her tits? I would always answer like I was very interested but all I could look at was his cock. I thought to myself there was no way Adam felt the same that I did, he seemed so interested in fucking a girl. More months went by and we spent many times jacking off together. We loved when we had the house to ourselfs and we could jack off for hours. We would often be serious and others we would laugh and tease each other. Each time we got naked i always thought Adam would jump right up and put his pants back on. I was wrong, we often laid on the bed or floor after cumming with our limp shafts resting on our stomachs. I always thought that I would never be sexual with Adam so this was the next best thing and I never wanted it to end.

    To be continued...
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