Wal-mart Part 6

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    It seemed like we had been riding for hours until Adam finally stopped in the middle of a wooded trail and turned off the ATV. I have got to piss said adam, I was so horny from riding behind adam and dreaming about his big cock. I was not sure it I could stand up because I knew I was close to a hard on. Adam turned to take a piss and I stood to also take a leak. Standing there back to back my cock in my hand half way hard the thoughts running thur my head would not stop. Finally I zipped up and turned to say, Adam there is something I have to tell you. As adam turned toward me I froze and thinking to myself... what and the hell am I doing? Can I do this? Can I tell him? What is it dickhead said adam as he laughed. I thought some more, ok where are here miles from anyone if he freaks out I can deny it and the worst I may have to hike out of here and call my mom to come and get me. Well, you know, can, here it is, Just spit it out yelled Adam as I just scrambled with words, I just could not find the words. I AM INTO YOU, there I said it yelling, I dont know what the fuck is wrong with me but I cant get you out of my mind. I think about you 24 hour 7 days a week. Call me a fag, queer whatever but these feelings I have I cannot keep up this act. I don't want to loose you as a friend so don't freak out. Adam looked at me saying nothing. I was scared to death, hey man I said, I am really confused and I know you might not understand or would even consider being with a guy. Adam continued to stand there looking at me saying nothing. What was I going to do I thought, I know I will play this off as a joke. Just as I was about to say "hey just shittin with you man" Adam started to walk toward me, I thought he was going to hit me but instead he grabbed the back of my neck pulling me toward him and he kissed me. I could not believe what was happening, am I dreaming? we stood there kissing, hugging and touching each other for several mins. We sit on the ground and talked for hours. It turned out that Adam had been struggling with the same feelings I had as well. I knew I was different since the 5th grade said Adam, me too I answered. I cannot explain it but looking at cock turns me on and I have no desire for girls. I have struggled with the same feelings said Adam. At that moment i did not feel like a freak and that there was someone out there just like me.

    We hooped back on the Atv and continued our trail to the hunting cabin.
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