Warm affectionate man wanted for man in Albuquerque

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    I really need to be with another guy and hope that this post will help me to find someone. It's good to have the warmth and comfort of another guy even if it is only temporary.

    I want a man who is sober, ddf, non-smoker, warm, friendly, and not an air-head. Age and race are unimportant; all races have their share of attractive and wonderful people.

    I also want him to be free of flab, reasonably fit, and look it. Discrimination? Not really; it’s just a matter of diet, exercise, and self-discipline. I’ve done it; so can you. Although there are many wonderful people who weigh considerably more than they should and whom I enjoy as friends, I find them physically unattractive.

    Although a big penis is nice, there are more important things.

    I value my health. J/O is fine; it’s safe. May consider oral; anal is definitely out.

    It would be nice if we could enjoy meeting regularly.

    Please contact me if you are interested or if you know someone who might be. You can find pics in my gallery and I assume that you will have pics in your gallery..
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