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What makes a great leader?

Discussion in 'Et Cetera, Et Cetera' started by 185248, Apr 19, 2015.

  1. 185248

    185248 Guest

    I was attending a university graduation the other day. There were a few speakers there that had a bit to say on what is considered the criteria for a good leader. The main speaker, while I found some of his comments rewarding with his experience being obviously very learned and acedemic, I found many of his comments biased, ignorant and insulting of the viewing audience and the graduate supporters.

    I believe good or great leaders come from all walks of life and educational levels. Just like idiots do.
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  2. 798686

    798686 Guest

    They're usually good at inspiring people, making them feel special, encouraging them to get on board an idea and do more than they thought they could, etc.

    Insight and vision are important.

    I've always marvelled at the difference between really good leaders, who usually seem down-to-earth and relaxed, compared to those who are just trying to 'be' a leader. These usually put on 'leaderish' behaviour, and are much less secure.
  3. MickeyLee

    Gold Member

    Nov 3, 2008
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    a willingness to take the first step... into to the unknown/in the face of consequence

    is pretty basic but covers it for me
  4. 185248

    185248 Guest

    Some people are placed in leadership roles so the true leaders can pull the strings from concealed positions, while at the same time these people see those that have genuine leadership qualities, and do their best to undermine or place obstacles in their path.

    It's why i have a problem sometimes with the way we elect our leaders in this country, same as the UK too. I don't think we have seen a good political leader in this country since Bob Hawke. I did see some of it in Kevin Rudd, but his party became afraid of his determination, dumped him for Julia Gillard, then just before the election, put him back again when they realised if they did not, the party would have been decimated. It should be changed here so when voting, we elect our Prime Minister for the term also. But, we know that the guys who are really in power, would not let that happen :)
  5. 185248

    185248 Guest

    Just imagine if Gene never went where man had ever gone before. You know, out there.
  6. Perados

    Gold Member

    Dec 7, 2007
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    A grwat leader understands the spirit of the age. He understands what has to be done and what is impossible to do.
  7. LadyJesseQuinn

    Gold Member Verified

    Mar 23, 2015
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    hic sunt dracones
    that's academia. hate it or love it there is always some snobbery amongst participants in the institution. I love academia, but I agree 100%, that particular aspect is offensive as fuck. One of the articles in Race, Space and the Law addresses this phenomenon in a really fascinating way.

    as to what makes a great leader, to me there's a vast difference between effective and extraordinary. many 'effective' leaders have committed appalling atrocities and inspired others to follow, whereas 'extraordinary' leaders have had a vision and ability to inspire that ends up elevating what had been before. How that is perceived often depends on what side of the fence one falls to though.

    I think great leaders, good or bad need to be skilled at human psychology. they require creativity, imagination and an ability to motivate themselves as well as others.

    I'd argue though that what a really 'great' leader needs is empathy, compassion and the ability to listen to the needs of those whom he or she would lead. they also need to be logic-oriented, able to extrapolate conceptually to the potential repercussions (positive and negative) of their plans and ideas.

    Bonus points for absence of ego but that's often hard for our species to swing.

    but yeah, none of those criteria require a university degree
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