what should I do? please help!

Discussion in 'Relationships, Discrimination, and Jealousy' started by asianvirginboy, Jun 20, 2011.

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    So i'm currently taking summer classes now and I'm living in a 6-person suite. Including me, there's 4 asians and 2 white guys. I knew the other asian guys beforehand (some were friends and some acquaintances) but the other 2 i've never met.

    here's the thing, throughout my 2 months living there (may-june), i've kind of grown fond of one of them. he's a little shorter than me(5'9) and he's a brunette, works out lots and quite the guy. i've often seen him adjust and pull his shorts and can sometimes see a bulge in his shorts (gets me all the time). i've tried to steal glances at him when he's not looking and sometimes when he pees, he leaves the door open. I've seen him half naked to almost naked (walking around with just a towel):tongue:. I know he's just a suitemate of mine but I really really like him and i can't get him out of my mind :redface:.

    what should i do? should i tell him? should i give him hints (i've tried adjusting in front of him and all)? i dont' even know if he considers me his friend or just a suite mate for the summer session. some days he doesn't respond to me and i think he's mad but he's not really. plus the thing is we are all moving out in about a week and i don't think i'll see him ever again. he's a year under me but he's so hot and i just can't get him out of my mind. please help! any help/opinions/suggestions are welcome :) anyone else been in this situation before? :confused:
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    If you are all moving in a week you need to act now or let the opportunity pass and get a crush on somebody else.

    It's always easier to make friends and then have sex with your friends than the other way around. If he isn't your friend by now he may not be interested in you. But if you need to know for certain, invite him for coffee or something neutral like that and say to him that you wish to keep in touch.
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