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When Love Calls

Discussion in 'Fictitious Stories' started by danielbluetales, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. danielbluetales

    danielbluetales Well-Known Member

    Nov 5, 2007
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    A telephone is heard ringing:

    Woman: Hello...

    Man: Hello darling.

    Woman: Where are you?

    Man: In the wilds of Scotland.

    Woman: So you're not coming home?

    Man: Not tonight, I'm afraid.

    Woman: I miss you so much.

    Man: Oh Honey, I miss you too.

    Woman: I bet you don't. I bet you've got women lined up all over the country.

    Man: I wish. Hey, you'll never guess what happened to me.

    Woman: What?

    Man: This guy tried to pick me up.

    Woman: Really? And did you let him.

    Man: Of course not! What do you think I get up to when I'm on the road?

    Woman: I don't know, you tell me.

    Man: You know that all I do is think of you.

    Woman: Tell me about this guy.

    Man: What's to tell?

    Woman: He tried to pick you up. It's not every day that a man tries to seduce my husband. There's a story to tell, so tell me...

    Man: He was a client. He asked me out for a drink. I went. He seemed like a regular kind of guy. He has a wife and kids. And then at the end of the evening he asked me if he could give me a blowjob.

    Woman: What did you say?

    Man: I said thanks, but no thanks.

    Woman: You weren't rude to him, I hope.

    Man: No, he's an important customer.

    Woman: Now you know what women have to put up with.

    Man: Yes. I still find it hard to believe that he just came out and asked me like that...as if he was asking would I like a beer, or something.

    Woman: Poor baby, you'll live. Tell me what he looked like.

    Man: Why?

    Woman: I'm feeling horny.

    Man: You want to get off on a guy who wanted to suck my cock?

    Woman: Yes, now tell me what he looked like.

    Man: Dark hair, a bit taller than me.

    Woman: Jonathan! You know the rules of the game. I describe everything when you ask me to. That isn't good enough. You'll have to do better than that. Was he good looking?

    Man: I don't know if a man is good looking or not.

    Woman: Don't be silly darling. Was he good looking or not?

    Man: I suppose he was average looking. He had dark hair, dark eyes. Dark stubble showing through on his chin.

    Woman: Oooh yes, the dangerous type.

    Man: Not dangerous, just hairy. A little taller than me, slightly bigger build. Nice teeth when he smiled.

    Woman: Was he ...you know...

    Man: What?

    Woman: Was he ...built?

    Man: I don't know, I don't stare at men's crotches.

    Woman: Please try and play the game properly. I'm feeling so horny.

    Man: You really are, aren't you?

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    Daniel Blue Storefront - Lulu.com
  2. danielbluetales

    danielbluetales Well-Known Member

    Nov 5, 2007
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    Woman:. Yes, hornier than you've ever known me to be. I'm playing with my right nipple as we speak.

    Man: That's not fair. Do you realize what you're doing to me?

    Woman: Why don't you pull over?

    Man: I don't think that's a good idea.

    Woman: I don't see why not. Who will see what you get up to if there's no one around.

    Man: There are one or two other cars on the road.

    Woman: Don't be such a chicken.

    Man: Okay, I'm pulling over.

    Woman: Describe the place you've stopped in.

    Man: I'm in a glen. There's a small stream running through it. There's a few flock of sheep dotted about. And oh, the sun's just broken through the cloud! It's beautiful; I wish you could see it.

    Woman: I can. Now describe your seducer. I want to see him too.

    Man: He's not my seducer!

    Woman: I know that darling. It's a game, remember. Now be a good boy and play by the rules. Didn't I seduce that waitress for you last week?

    Man: I've been thinking about that all week. It's what has kept me going. That was SO hot!

    Woman: I know. Now, you're going to take this man back to your hotel room. Do you understand?

    Man: But...

    Woman: No buts! You will do as I say. Do you understand?

    Man: Are you sure?

    Woman: I am your mistress, am I not?

    Man: Yes mistress!

    Woman: Where are your trousers?

    Man: Around my ankles.

    Woman: Good. Now, you're back in the bar with...what's his name?

    Man: Bill.

    Woman: You're in the bar with Bill. He's just asked if he can suck your cock. You say yes. He asks if your wife won't mind. What is your reply.

    Man: I tell Bill that I am my own man. What she doesn't know won't hurt her.

    Woman: I like that. Now tell me what happens next.

    Man: We go back to my hotel room. I offer him a drink.

    Woman: What happens next?

    Man: He drinks it.

    Woman: Cut the crap. What does he do next?

    Man: He looks at me.

    Woman: How does he look at you? I'm wet just thinking about him looking at you. I want to feel his gaze. I want to be in his shoes, looking at this beautiful man, dreaming about sucking him off.

    Man: How wet are you?

    Woman: Very wet. Ready wet. But this is my fantasy. How does he look at you?

    Man: He looks at me like he's very horny.

    Woman: How horny?

    Man: Like he hasn't had a cock in weeks. He looks at me like he's a cock hungry slut. Like I'm the most attractive man alive and he simply has to have me.

    Woman: (Moans) Yes! that's it ... Go on.

    Man: He walks up to me. Starts unbuttoning my shirt.

    Woman: How do you feel?

    Man: I'm scared. I've never done this before....don't know why I'm doing it now.

    Woman: What happens next.

    Man: He takes my shirt off. He rubs my chest, then he tweaks my nipples.

    Woman: You'd do anything for me, wouldn't you.

    Man: Anything for my baby...

    Woman: I'm going to rescue you from Bill. You owe me a favor in return. So, I want you to tell me your fantasy.

    Man: That's easy. Its summer time and we're on holiday in Greece. We have a whitewashed cottage in an isolated village. Behind the village, growing up the side of a hill, are olive trees. Looking out the front door you can see the deep blue waters of the Aegean sea.

    Woman: Yes, I can see it. Are we alone?

    Man: No Bill is with us.

    Woman: Really?

    Man: Just kidding.

    Woman: Pity.

    Man: We're sitting outside on the patio. We've just eaten lunch.

    Woman: What did we have?

    Man: Just a simple lunch; bread, cheese, olives and red wine.

    Woman: Sounds divine.

    Man: Oh, and, I almost forgot, peaches. Big, fat, juicy peaches. I watch you eat your peach. The juice drips down your chin. Your tongue darts out to lick it up. There's a twinkle in your naughty brown eyes. I feel my cock twitch in my shorts. I look around but can't see anyone. Its siesta time and they've all taken to their beds.

    Woman: This is the juiciest peach I've ever tasted. I notice you watching me. I see the sudden bulge in your shorts. I know that you're not wearing any underpants today.

    Man: I walk over to you. I lower the top of your flimsy summer dress. Your pert little breasts are pale against the bronze of your neck. I pick up a peach and break it in half. The juice drenches my fingers as I remove the stone. I rub the peach juice into your nipples. I hear you gasp as you look around. 'Is this safe?' you ask. 'You only live once' I reply. It is my turn to be bold. Normally I follow where you lead.

    Woman: I only lead you where you want to go. You cup my breasts in your hands as you take a nipple into your mouth. The heat and the wine and my lust brings me to the boil. I feel as though every single nerve in my body is concentrated in my nipple as you worry it between your teeth and tongue. I slip my foot up the side of your shorts. It makes contact with your rigid organ. It pleases me to know that this love tool belongs to me.

    Man: I slip your dress off completely. I remove your panties. Your long, lithe legs are sun bronzed, contrasting with the white of your bikini area. The pale skin there looks somehow secret, like something that should not be revealed, especially out of doors. That sense of secrecy and naughtiness fuels my lust. I part your copper thatch and peer into the pink inner folds of your pussy. You part your legs as I kneel before you. I rub the peach into your love slot before kissing it.

    Woman: I can feel your expert tongue as it roams, licking up the peach juice, then exploring further into me. Your thumb comes up to find my little nub and you send me into overload with your skilled manipulations.

    Man: I come up for air. There is a faraway, dreamy look in your eye. Slowly I slide a finger into you. The look on your face tells me that you're enjoying this. I insert a second finger and then a third. Your hands are now playing with your breasts.

    Woman: It's been a long time since we've made love like this. The sun is warm on my skin. There's not a cloud in the sky. I pick up an olive and feed it to you. You take it from me very gently. Then you lick the oil from my fingers, taking them deep into your mouth.

    Man: I need release. I stand up and slide my shorts off. A gentle breeze stirs and the feel of it on my bare skin is delicious. I stand before you, offering you my manhood.

    Woman: I pick up an olive and rub it against the inflamed head of your cock. I hear you moan. I dip my fingers into the oil at the bottom of the bowl and rub this in too. Soon your cock head glistens and I can't remember when last I saw it looking so large. It's almost a mushroom head now.

    Man: It feels so good. Don't stop.

    Woman: There's no hurry, we've got all day. Your large pink orbs are hanging low. Gently I reach out and fondle them. The little gasp that escapes your lips lets me know that I'm on the right track. I roll them around in the palm of my hand, exerting just the right amount of pressure. They too are glistening now from the olive oil. I pull you close and take first one, then the other into my mouth.

    Man: I just love it when you do that. You're so gentle and it feels so warm inside your mouth.

    Woman: I run my hands up the back of your thighs. I knead your buttocks. I stroke the small of your back, the way you love me to. You sigh happily. A long, salty trail down your dick tells me that you are close. Too close, in fact. This is my fantasy. I push you away, get up and turn around. I present myself to you like an animal in heat.

    My books on the internet:

    Daniel Blue Storefront - Lulu.com
  3. danielbluetales

    danielbluetales Well-Known Member

    Nov 5, 2007
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    Man: I put my hands around your slender waist. My cock is so hard it won’t need any guiding. Gently I nudge against you and let it find its own way in. It takes only two or three gentle jabs and I'm in, sliding into your wet warmth. The olive oil and peach juice let me glide fully into you.

    Woman: Your hands come up to play with my nipples. You're deep into me now and I feel each beautiful inch of you. Your strokes are slow, deep and even. A shiver of delight runs through me as I look forward to a long, slow screwing. Then I look up suddenly and notice an old man sitting on a porch and watching us.

    Man: You tell me about the old man but it's too late to stop now. 'Let's give him a show.' I say. You respond by pushing back into me. Your warm wet pussy envelopes me as my cock glides freely through the silken interior. With each stroke I feel like I might explode.

    Woman: Suddenly you switch tempo. You start pounding into me. Fast, furious, fucking is what it is. I know that the animal in you has come out now. The very core of your existence is in your cock. At this point in time I am just a receptacle. You want, need, must have release.

    Man: I'm so close, so close. There's a deliciously rude squelching noise coming from your pussy. I feel my balls draw up tight. And then I can't hold back any longer. The trigger is fired. I'm...I'm coming… Damn!

    Woman: Darling, are you all right?

    Man: I'm fine, it's just I've made such a mess all over the seat.

    Woman: You can worry about that later... I haven't cum yet.

    Man: You know I can't cum twice on the trot.

    Woman: I know, but what about the neighbors. Where is Costa?

    Man: Aah, Costa. I'm just coming down from my high when I hear the gate creak open. I reach for my shorts and tell you to cover up. But it's too late. Suddenly Costa is standing there, mumbling something. I expect him to be embarrassed, to turn around and leave. Instead he just grabs his crotch and gives it a squeeze.

    Woman: I turn around and face him. His eyes are large, there's a hint of perspiration on his upper lip. There's something very dark and dangerous looking about Costa. And yet on the other hand his stocky build makes him look cuddly. He's like a dangerous teddy bear. Dark hairs sprout over the collar of his tee shirt.
  4. danielbluetales

    danielbluetales Well-Known Member

    Nov 5, 2007
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    Man: I see the look of desire still burning in your eyes. I know that you're not yet satisfied. I can't think what you find attractive in this man but you are welcome to him. You catch my eye. I tell you that it is fine with me. You can have him.

    Woman: I walk up to Costa and throw my arms around him. He needs no second invite. He pulls me in close and covers my mouth with his lips. His kiss is surprisingly passionate and tender. I expected him to be rough and brutal. As he runs his hands up and down my back I realized that he is a skilled lover. I can feel his cock straining against his jeans.

    Man: Costa turns to me. 'Is all right if I fuck him?' he asks. 'Her.' I reply. The baffled look in his eye tells me that he doesn't understand. I nod my head, 'Yes, it is all right.' I say.

    Woman: Costa kicks off his work boots. He shucks his jeans and tee shirt. A forest of black, curly hair covers all of his chest and belly. His cock is short and thick and a nut brown color. He has surprisingly small balls, almost lost in a thicket of hair. There is a certain scent about him. It is almost as if I'm smelling pure sex. He is both muscular and podgy at the same time and I find the sight of him captivating. He is so different to you.

    Man: Tell me about it. You haven't seen his hairy arse yet.

    Woman: I sit and pull Costa towards me. I open my mouth wide and draw him into it. He sighs. As I work his thick meat I run my hands up and down his hairy thighs. He catches hold of my right hand and places it on his meaty buttock. He moves my other hand up to his right nipple and squeezes. I squeeze his nipple and knead his buttocks. He mumbles something in Greek. I figure I must be doing it right.

    Man: I see your fingers disappear into his hairy crack. I've never seen you do that before. Then I see you dip your hand into the olive oil. I expect to hear him protest.

    Woman: My finger slides into him very easily. He settles his great bulk around it. I bring my left hand down to his balls and start stroking them lightly. And then I hear him panting. A salty sweet tang erupts in my mouth as he empties himself into me.

    Man: I watch in amazement as he spreads your legs. He begins lapping at your pussy. It's like he hasn't eaten in a week. I wonder if he doesn't realize that I've just cum buckets inside you. He is kneeling before you and I almost laugh out loud when I see the tufts of hair between his butt cheeks.

    Woman: Perhaps he hasn't eaten for a week, but he is so good. He might not speak English so well but he certainly knows how to eat English. I'm sure he can taste you. It turns me on to think so anyway.

    Man: Yuck! I see his hairy, meaty hands roaming over your belly and cupping your breasts. The old man on his porch has been joined by a younger man. They are both watching with keen interest. Your eyes are closed. By the way you are squirming about I'd say you were enjoying the experience.

    Woman: More than enjoying it. He is just so good. His tongue is so long and so mobile. I feel like I'm getting close.

    Man: I hear a low rumble in your throat. It starts to build. Faster and faster, louder and louder until...

    Woman: Yes! yes, yes! My climax is so good it almost hurts.

    Man: Are you satisfied yet, love?

    Woman: No, darling, not yet. I need to be speared by his thick club. Tell him to fuck me.

    Man: 'She wants you to fuck her.' I tell Costa. He reaches out and grabs hold of my arse. 'No, not me, you oaf.' I say. 'Her'. 'Sorry,' he grins. 'I don't mind to do you also.' 'No, you won't!' I say as I back away.

    Woman: Don't leave me.

    Man: I won't. I'll just stand behind you.

    Woman: He's picking me up. Darling, support my shoulders, will you?

    Man: I slip my arms under your arms and brace your back against my belly. Costa hooks his arms under your knees. And then with one fierce thrust he is inside you.

    Woman: Aaah! Oh he feels so thick; he's filling me up completely.

    Man: Better than me?

    Woman: It's not a competition. It's just different...see how he closes his eyes. Look at that intense concentration on his face. See the sweat glistening on his chest.

    Man: You like that?

    Woman: Yes, very much. Thank you for letting me have him.

    Man: I hope he cums soon. I can't hold you up much longer.

    Woman: At the rate he's drilling me he can't last long.

    Man: 'Costa, give it to her good.' I say. 'Yes, he's goood!' he replies.
    I laugh. He laughs. He seems so happy. Like a kid with candy.

    Woman: He's no kid. He's giving me an expert fucking. I'm getting so close. Darling, kiss me.

    Man: I'm kissing you. I pick up the last remaining peach and dribble the juice into your mouth. I kiss it between us. Your grab hold of my arms. Your nails are digging in. Suddenly you break free of the kiss and let out the loudest scream I've ever heard you make. For a moment I wonder if you're in distress. You sound like a stuck pig. But your nipples are erect. Meanwhile Costa gives an almighty grunt and withdraws from you. He sends thick jism shooting all over your belly. Your groans turn to whimpers as you go limp, like a rag doll. We lay you down on the patio. Slowly, slowly your breathing returns to normal. Darling... are you still there?

    Woman: Sorry....I needed two hands for a moment.

    Man: Was it good?

    Woman: The best. Hurry home.

    Man: Tomorrow, I promise.


    My books on the internet:

    Daniel Blue Storefront - Lulu.com
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