Who's in the Big-Dick Club? When did you join?

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    Finally, our most secret organization can claim its membership!

    You've known for a while that you rightfully belong, but when did you find out-- and how?

    If you're like me, you probably at some time assumed that every other guy had what you had. Through puberty and high school, I saw other guys and I compared, but figured that my dick size had more to do with my height-- 6'5. I was 19 and in college when I accepted my membership in the "Big-Dick Club". It was after I got the nickname "Torp"-- short for torpedo. I didn't mind the name, I just hated it when anyone asked what it stood for. I usually said it was b/c I'm tall.

    What about any of my brothers out there? Was it a girl's reaction, a teammate's joke, a nickname or discovery of your family's genes that finally initiated you into the "Big-Dick Club"?

    'Coming of age' stories are the best.
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