Yes Mr. Allison

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    Sometimes people tell you don't believe them. A friend told me this one...and I believe it happened.

    Yes Mr. Allison

    I swept up your ashes
    I made sure the flash
    was good on your polaroid.
    Life in servitude is a learned thing for me
    or so I've been told.
    Dad he was raised too
    In a life of servitude
    His smile so carved into his face
    of stone.
    What's a man to do with no education and a hope so true?

    Life is far from free
    Democracy and me
    Have no time to have dinner together
    In a land where you live on a tether
    Like a horse that's free
    But that's not me
    I serve a family
    like it's 1923.

    And Mrs. Allison
    and her little bastion
    of society wives
    What did they all escape...they got
    The money not the life.
    They're all considered upright
    The right dress and jewelry
    Aren't they're lives just right?
    Just in time for crumpets and gossip
    how 'bout some tea and lies?

    Mr. Allison likes his shoes buttoned
    with the shoe hook then afterwards placed about his face.
    He smiles
    he laughs
    His deep breaths are like a tall drink. The hook
    The hook it means more
    He needs it
    He needs it and so much more in store.
    Mr Allsion loves it
    He won't ever admit it.
    To have his servant adore him,
    Touch him and maybe share a drink.
    Just a sip.

    Mr Allison
    What was the theory
    Your wife and her query
    As to what was going on?
    Her life in her salon
    Was shifted
    To the left
    had she anything left
    To give you?

    That perfect hairdo and her
    How Do You Do
    Just drove you...
    Over the edge

    Mr Allison
    inside your study the busts and the musts
    That you had to have, the collectables
    You prized so highly were all displayed
    In a row. A row you could catorgerize as
    the inside of your mind, your interests like
    wine were all grape and sweet.Will your mind and heart ever meet?

    There was a moon so high, so bold and so bright
    When you met the Mrs.
    Mr. Allsion!
    That was the night
    That was the night
    You'd make sense of your plight.

    Mr. Allsion you didn't think it thru
    ha! Just like the choice of your new shoes.
    I'll have Chardonnay please
    Some suede? Leather? Oh yes maybe
    A Hush Puppy please

    Mrs. Allison ragales her friends w/the stories
    Of your lives together
    your love
    and your endless sex stories.
    Mrs. Allison is polite, and sweet
    So mannered and fine
    She remembers the time when sex even hurt her spine.

    Now she's with her friends at tea
    so resplendent
    In a designer dress
    sharing gossip of younger people
    that she doesn't know
    Like the designer cuts to her face.

    Mrs. Allison
    conveneing her friends
    in the library
    To them all a story
    a story of dread.

    yes it's too young for her. said with a yelp
    Mr Allison! Mr. Allsison
    I'm just here to help.
    Help you sir
    and get my pay
    I'll do anything
    I can think of a sunny day.

    Mr. Allison
    I thot of that map in the library
    It's so detailed..the roads...
    Mr. Allison can get you some tea?
    Is it lunchtime?
    Do you need more of me?

    Mrs.Allison the gracious hostess
    The queen of the mostess
    Led her guests to the door
    And doing so
    She looked
    and peeked
    into the wrong door.

    Mr. Allison
    My Boss and the gent
    Yes, after an hour he was finally spent.
    The drwaing room you so fatally cherish
    is now the room where your finances will perish

    Mrs. Allison looked on w/a horror that
    soon gave way to a thought
    Her lawyer would collar
    the whole incident
    Her husband...he's nude and so indecent!

    Mr. Allison
    Mr. Allison
    You're like that map on the wall
    of the library...
    Just paper and thin
    no substance at all.

    I wish you could have been real but
    but then what is
    Back to the life of service
    another job
    and then what happens is.
    It is
    It just is
    And that's how it goes
    Mr. Allison it could have been better
    But that's how it goes.

    Mrs. Allison back in HER library
    is happy
    she's calm
    She even get's crazy
    w/a malted....Oh dear
    did she even dare
    to think
    and want
    a life finally clear?

    Mrs. Allison back in HER library
    sat back and laughed at a life
    so crazy.
    How could it be?
    It was wonderfull at the start
    The life
    The joy
    And a totally full heart.

    Mrs. Allison back in HER library
    thot back on a life so contrary.
    She laughs now thru her silver ringlets of hair
    Thank God, It's all so finally clear.
    Life goes on
    Life goes on.

    Mrs. Allison rings for the butler...
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    Sorry it was just more divel I was clearing out of my notebook.
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