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    7x5.5: Ok. Although I have generally been able to attain an erection, I have always thought that I have more trouble getting hard than most youths and reading things on here has perpetuated this feeling and led me to believe that I have some form of erectile problem. I have read some of 'Mordecai17', I think the username is, posts and I think we have very similar problems. Ok, anyway time to lay it all down.

    I am 17, very fit, don't smoke and only drink once a week or so.
    I can get an erection, but it will usually take up to 3 minutes to achieve if I have only my 'mind and hand' to use, and I am completely unstimulated to start with. If I have visual simulation I become hard much quicker, often a semi without stimulation then with touch it will become fully hard in a matter of seconds. However, for my erection to be maintained it will need constant stimulation or the head will lose a bit of size. Then, after around a minute or so the erection will lose its angle (of usually pointing straight out) and then point 'halfway' between straight out and straight down in a semi erect state.

    I never get random erections throughout the day. I never wake up with full morning wood. The best I have had is a pretty hard 'semi' - I call it semi as the head of my penis does not fill up to its usual size, or at all really - I need stimulation for the head to become its usual relatively large size. Of random note when I have stimulation the head of my penis is 'hard and shiny', but when it ceases it becomes more 'soft and textured' and ofcouse smaller.
    Moving along, even though I do sometimes awake to a semi I often just awake with just a slightly larger then usual flaccid.

    When I am with a girl I need a bit of foreplay before I get going - It turns me on a great deal feeling and seeing her body and this will usually get me hard. But, like most guys, a girl simply touching my body (penis), fully clothed without me seeing/feeling her body really does not turn me on very much at all unless I am already erect.

    For the record my penis is I guess a grower of sorts, being between 4 - 4.5 x 4.5 soft growing to 7 x 5.5 hard. I love my penis and I love women, and I don't want to waste my youth...but this is really bothering me and lowering my confidence. I am even starting to get nervous about it when I'm with women now, thinking about it instead of just enjoying myself, and this perpetuates the problem further.

    I am guessing the problem is physical due to the (near complete) lack of morning and random erections...But I don't know what it could be. I assume my testosterone levels are fine (I am muscled, have a full patch of pubic and arm hair etc..). I come on average around 5 - 6 times a week, so the urge is there...The only thing I can think of is possible restricted blood flow, not due to the blood not circulating but possibly a random blockage somehow, somewhere? Or maybe the nerve endings are damaged? Again I just don't know what to think because under the right conditions I can get a full, rock hard erection, and I am pretty well certain the problem is not psychological....Hmmm...

    Ok, I just wanted to get that all off my chest and have some opinions about this or whatever before I go and have a chat to a doc. Cheers
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    As difficult as it is for a 17-yr-old to accept, "7" (I wish you'd put a name with that stat), the only way you're going to find satisfaction is to see a urologist.

    There are tests he can run and things he can do. It's what he's in business for.

    Good luck and keep us apprised!
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    This is pretty much my exact situation. Under the right circumstances, if I am really turned on, I can get rock hard. However, that usually just does not happen. I never get morning erections, or random erections throughout the day. If I'm just making out with a girl, nope, and simple thoughts or sights cannot make me hard. Seeing my girlfriend naked does not give me an erection. She or I has to stimulate it constantly, and then it will sometimes waver, or other times get pretty hard. I feel like I have the sexual response of a man in his 50s, and I'm only 18. I've been to urologists, and I don't think they take me seriously. They are quick to say it is a psychological problem, of which I know it isn't. I don't have any of the illnesses that can cause ED so I am just at a loss and try to get through it the best I can. I have had blood tests that confirm it is not testosterone or hormone deficiencies.
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    I first assumed this was just a libido problem, but then you said you don't have morning wood either. See a urologist.
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    A few things:

    1) It never hurts to get checked out by your doc if you think something is amiss. You know your body better than anyone, so if this seems wrong to you, then you should talk to your doctor. However ...

    2) You are putting an awful lot of pressure on yourself based on how you perceive yourself in relation to OTHER PEOPLE and their arousal response. Stop doing that. You are an individual and your body AND MIND are turned on differently, and just because John Doe gets hard when the wind blows and you don't does not mean you have a problem. Which brings me to my last point ...

    3) You are forgetting the most important part of arousal: YOUR BRAIN. I'm 36, and when I was in junior high school I had to cover my dick with my books because it got hard in the middle of Social Studies. That was probably the last time I had arousal like that. I happen to be very turned on by interacting with intelligent, interesting people. Seeing a hot bod at this point means NOTHING to me, and that alone will not get me hard. Even if I'm super horny and I'm looking to hook up in a bar, I have to spend time talking and getting to know the person to see that they are intelligent, articulate, funny, interesting, somewhat deep before I can go home with them. I'm dating a guy now who is beautiful, but also sexy and smart. I find that when we are being silly and laughing and just having a good ol' time I'm suddenly hard and horny for him--because I'm attracted to the PERSON, NOT THE BODY.

    Chill out and stop putting so much pressure on yourself, because the pressure itself will soon become the problem. Meet some new people and enjoy the PEOPLE. When you find someone that makes you horny, you'll see that there really is no problem, you just need to connect.

    Oh, and regarding the morning wood: don't assume that's a problem. I rarely wake up w/ a hardon. Your body goes through cycles during the night when you will have erections during deep sleep, so depending on your sleep cycle, you may not notice wood in the morning, but you could have had ten erections during sleep. There are ways to test that. The most popular is to get a roll of stamps and wrap the stamps around your penis before you go to sleep, licking the last stamp so that it sticks to the first stamp and creates a band around your penis. During the night, if you get an erection, the stamps will tear at the perforations. If you wake up with the stamp band still intact, you may have a physical problem. This should be done for more than one night to truly test for physical problems.
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