Breaking a few rules in Dubai...

When my boyfriend Christian started shifting his mindset to "sharing me" and no longer talking about FMF, a fantasy I did not share with him, he came up with a lot of rules. I listened and found it fascinating and funny but unimportant since I didn't think I would ever need it. In my mind I would never have sex with someone else but him, so what...

To sum up, the most important rules when he gave me the freedom to have sex with others:

- Don't get into a relationship, so after sex, no phone calls or messages...not even for chitchat... don't become "friends with benefits".

- Don't repeat sex with the same guy - meaning getting back to the same man, weeks or months later - Christian was "flexible" when I met someone, for example on a holiday abroad without him, it could happen I fuck the same man "a few times" in the same week.

- Always let my boyfriend know who, when, and where I fuck someone.

- Give him as many details as possible to describe the guy and the sex.

- Only meet for sex, no romantic dinners or movie nights.

While he was adding rule after rule, I played along for fun and added one rule myself: he could never invite one of his friends to fuck me. That was a big "no-go" for him as well - he did not want his friends to know that he was a weird guy letting his girlfriend get fucked by others!

A few years later the rules became more important than I ever imagined. Sex with others was no longer one of his fantasies - it became an important reality in our sex life. Not that I do this all the time, but more than I ever could imagine. Enough testimonials about that in my earlier stories. I did my very best to respect his rules, because it was important to me that my boyfriend not suffer feelings of jealousy, and two - after a few hot adventures, I realized that as long as I respected the rules I could enjoy sex with other men when I wanted without cheating. It's an amazing feeling to have the freedom to have sex with anybody, while not feeling like I was cheating on my boyfriend. Breaking the rules would bring just that feeling to the surface and I did not want that.

The first time I cursed his rules was when I had exceptional sex with two guys during an unexpected MFM. I met them at the naked beach (more about that in another story "Solo Girl at the naked beach 1 & 2"). We had a hot night and I wished I kept their numbers. I remember one of the guys took my phone without asking me, to ring his number so he would have mine but I did not save it. He didn't ring or message me back either so I lost contact, just the way the rules need to be played.

Where most other guys I have met were abroad on a short holiday or business trip and easier to "delete", some were more difficult to forget because you know they are near - like the two guys living in the same country as my boyfriend or because of the sex that was so good you wanted to do it again with that same person.

I tried to open up the conversation about that with Christian and explain that having a few "regular" sex partners would be safer and more controllable than meeting up with new strangers. I thought I had logic and strong arguments but Christian didn't feel good about it. It was clear he thought he would risk losing me. A few years went by and I didn't have a lot of chances to encounter the right stranger at the right moment for some hot occasional sex.

Until I went to Dubai during COVID-19. It was a better place to stay than the UK and since kids had lessons online we could stay there - better weather and more freedom to go where you want for any activities you like.

I planned to stay a few weeks but ended up there for almost 3 months with my son. The men I met there daily were always the same guys: fathers of sons, who were doing the same as my son and me: living in a small community away from the big city, away and protected from the crazy Covid world. All of them with their wives, sometimes flying back and forward, depending on their jobs. I was alone and organized like I'm used to as a single mom, but most of the people there knew the husband was away because of the family business.

One man was different from the rest: a local young Arabic guy, working as a sports coach for the boys and trainer at the community gym. I didn't pay much attention to him at first. He wasn't tall, my 14-year-old son was about the same height. He had a boyish look with the figure of a jockey, light and ready to go for fast horse riding on a racecourse. Because he took care of my son and his friends almost every day, we talked more and more, because I was the only mom watching the daily training.

We met at the gym regularly and at the pool a few times when I did my laps. One day, when I changed my one-piece swimsuit for a bikini, I noticed he was admiring me, happy to see a female showing some skin, something rare those days where not many people were in or around the pool due to the low tourist traffic. It wasn't my smallest bikini, because I tried to be "decent" in a world where women were expected to be covered all the time. The resort we stayed at was mainly occupied by Western people, but still, even towards staff I wanted to be polite by respecting their culture and religion as much as possible.

Suddenly I felt my behavior was changing. I allowed myself to get horny and started to get naughty thoughts. At the same time, I was telling myself he was probably too young for me, at that moment estimating his age somewhere in his early twenties.

After a few weeks, I got to know my son's sports coach better and felt attracted to the young man. It must have been the way he gave me a few compliments that made me think I might have a chance to get more out of this two-way flirting feeling. I inconspicuously learned he worked there for several years, studied sports and science, and was almost 30, so a lot older than I thought, which gave me more "appetite".

Long story short: as one of the agreements required, I did a video call with Christian to let him know that after being without sex for so long I met a guy I found attractive and thought I could seduce for sex. My boyfriend, who planned to come to Dubai a few months later for his work, told me he was sorry for not being able to come sooner.

"Wauw! I didn't think that would happen in Dubai," Christian reacted in surprise.

"Me neither," I said, "but I do need sex and he looks so cute," I heard myself trying to sell him my horny idea.

I heard in Christian's voice he wasn't prepared for this kind of conversation. He could switch to his naughty side quickly, showing some excitement on his face.

"I don't know the guy but he is so damned lucky! I am sure you can get him and if you want him you should do it and enjoy."

It was a long while ago that I used my freedom as a Hotwife and felt relieved that Christian was still okay with the idea of me having sex with someone else.

The next day I stopped flirting and was direct with the young man and told him that I was not looking for a relationship but wanted him for sex. We fucked the same day in the locker room of the sports center, while my son was outdoors riding horses. There was no way to undress: he turned me around and made me hold onto a small dressing table with a big mirror in front of me. He lifted my light long summer dress from behind to find my naked ass with his hands. Then he unzipped his pants, and without hesitation, he pushed his hard cock from behind in my wet pussy. He was rough with me and I didn't have the chance to see or feel his cock with my hands but I felt he was stretching me - maybe because of lack of foreplay, or because of a long time of no sex, probably more because of size.

He had his hand over my mouth to limit the sound of my screaming and with his other hand, he cupped one of my breasts and squeezed through my dress and bra. A few minutes later he shot his load in me. It wasn't the best sex of my life and the first time a guy took me so fast from behind. If it would not have been in mutual consent it might have looked like a guy raping me. But it was crazy, exciting, and scary to get caught there! He watched me when I tried to get myself decent again. On our way out he asked me for a second chance "to do this better" on another day. And yes, I wanted more and I agreed to meet in a hotel room.

My boyfriend was very curious so I told him about the quick passage in the locker room and the plan to do it again on another day. He said he understood I wasn't satisfied with a 5 minutes thing and was looking forward to hearing about my next sex adventure with the guy, allowing me to expose more juicy details.

A few days later I arranged a sleep-over for my son with one of his friends so I could spend the night with his coach in a hotel. After my son left I took a long shower to relax and was looking forward to having sex again, now hopefully a bit more extended. I checked my pussy which was still covered with a winter bush and did some quick trimming. No idea what Arabic guys prefer but I thought it was probably the natural thing. I didn't have a lot of clothes to choose from, especially sexy things.

When the taxi arrived at the hotel and the driver opened the door for me I saw it was a busy place. The coach was waiting for me at the bar. To my surprise, I saw several women dressed super sexy and with origins from all over the world! Black, Asian, Eastern Europe... I felt "under-dressed" and he must have felt my confusion.

"Sorry, I should have mentioned to you this is a hotel with a bar, known for parties and also for hookups," he explained innocently.

"Hookups, like for hookers?" I asked.

"Yes, I hope you are not shocked or afraid, you are safe with me, don't worry," he said.

"No, it's okay, just surprised, I wanna have a drink!" I stammered.

After one drink we went to the elevator. We were not alone going up and while standing between the other people I was worried about only one thing: "Would they think I am a hooker?"

When we were in our room the coach poured us another drink. No alcohol in Dubai? Sure!

"Okay, enough lost time," he said right after we took a few zips.

"Get out of your clothes!" he commanded while opening the belt of his pants.

I obeyed and dropped my dress to the floor.

While standing in my undies and shoes he came up to me and kissed my neck while I felt one of his hands slide into my knickers. I stayed passive for a while and let him feel all over my body. He pulled off my bra and started kissing my breasts. Then he stepped back to continue to undress.

It was the first time I saw him naked in his boxer and impressed but not surprised. As a sports coach, he maintained a healthy and toned body and I couldn't wait to see his cock that had already filled my pussy. We took all the time to explore our bodies, kissed and when finally boxers and panties were dropped I could get acquainted with his young cock growing fast while I was touching him.

I hadn't experienced a new man in a long time and quickly went down on him to play, kiss and suck my new toy. His circumcised cock looked big, not only in proportion to his stature but also in my little hands. He let me inspect his cock and wanted to know if he was bigger than my husband.

"Oh yes! Much much bigger," I said without lying.

I never explained my private life situation, but he was way bigger than my husband and boyfriend Christian.

I never considered myself to be a size queen, always looking at the whole person to find someone I was sexually attracted to, but in the recent past, I had to admit that size makes a difference when having sex.

"You think you can handle my cock?" he continued.

"We will soon find out, right?"

We had hot sex, not one long session but several short and steamy turns, and like the first time in that locker room a bit rough. He was much younger than me but was clearly in charge and unlike Christian very dominant.

"Fuck me doggy!" I remember myself asking him impatiently.

"I will fuck you doggy when I want to," he answered coldly and went on pounding me simply missionary deep and fast, while holding my wrists over my head.

Then he put me on all fours on the bed and thought he would take me from behind but instead, he insisted I suck him while he moved my head back and forward over his cock, like he was fucking my mouth. After removing the condom he asked if he could shoot his load in my mouth, but didn't wait for an answer. I felt a large quantity of his warm juice gushing into my mouth while he held my head firmly, to make sure I didn't spill a drop. I had never had a big cock so deep in the back of my mouth and couldn't avoid making loud gurgling noises.

"Swallow it all!" he said with a louder voice.

I wasn't used to that kind of treatment during sex but I let him and realized there was something about it that I liked, something that was new and exciting to me.

All the time his cock stayed up, even after his climax. We did several positions and he kept me waiting a long time before finally fucking me doggy. As one rides a wild horse without a saddle and holds on to its mane, the same way he fucked me hard from behind while pulling my long black hair as if it were his reins. Every time he pulled, my head went up looking at the ceiling while he thrusts his long cock inside my pussy. I felt I was about to cum, but right then he stopped.

"Continue! More!" I begged him.

During our first night, he didn't seem to pay a lot of attention to help me get my orgasm. Even not trying to please me by licking my pussy. Luckily he let me ride him on top, so I could help myself getting loud with the right friction and a little fingerwork.

A few minutes after I came he got up and asked me to get dressed. He ordered a taxi and that was it. When I was back at my place I called Christian, who was still awake due to the time difference. I was mixed up with feelings of excitement, and fear, not scared of the coach but scared at how much I liked the rough sex!

Christian got turned on when I told him about it. I didn't leave out any details. He only wanted to be sure the guy didn't hurt me.

"No, he didn't hurt me babe," I reassured him.

"Seems you like that kinky side of sex," he said with a wondering voice.

"Don't know," I answered, trying not to sound too enthusiastic about it...

Then "trouble" started because I didn't stay only a few weeks but a few months.

The coach fucked me almost every other day, sometimes even twice a day. We found a way to meet secretly and had quickies in the locker room and even in the public toilets of the local community restaurant. Sometimes I let him secretly in my flat during daytime, at moments I was sure my son was busy.

Meanwhile, I learned not to ask him to fuck me doggy - because when I didn't ask he did it, knowing by now it is my favorite position.

Being taken quickly from behind under my skirt or dress became like a habit, because, as he explained, he couldn't resist when he knew I rarely had panties under... We were like two soldiers: him, a high-ranked officer, and me, a simple servant who had to obey at all times. And obeying to have my pussy filled by him was not that hard!

Luckily he got good rates in that hotel - even free nights - because he knew the staff. Most of the time we went there only for sex and didn't stay for the night. Sometimes we had a drink before fucking, sometimes after. I did my best to dress up better, but hadn't brought a lot of sexy clothes for that trip, unfortunately.

I preferred to sleep at my place, to be sure my son could find me there if he would turn up unexpectedly. Also to keep things clear with the coach: we just fuck, we don't sleep together.

When he ordered me to come to the hotel I knew I'd get one of his special treatments. Most of the time he brought a few accessories. Like a black leather collar and a leash, a little whip, and real handcuffs, not those pink fluffy plastic ones Christian bought one time in a sex shop. I only told him once, while being on the pitch outdoors, and not into "sex mode" that I didn't mind experimenting a bit and that I had no problem with him taking the lead, but I didn't want to take things to a high SM level.

"No master-slave thing for me," I said, not sure about which wording to use.

"No worries, I just find it exciting and sexy when I see you wearing the black collar.... and correct me if I am wrong, but it's my impression you don't mind me pulling the leash while I fuck you doggy."

I didn't answer him but my pussy started dripping. He was right, I just liked it, and when I smiled at him he knew enough.

"Yeah, maybe I prefer the leash over you, pulling my hair," I joked.

"From now on the black collar is mandatory at all times at the hotel," he said.

Most of the time I "forgot" to mention Christian about all the times we fucked because, after a few weeks, I knew I had a lot more sex with the coach than with Christian in that same year. Of course Christian isn't stupid so I mentioned sex with the coach about one time a week, at that time not knowing it would total up to almost twelve weeks.

I guess I got addicted to the young man but didn't have any romantic feelings - it was purely physical and I liked to be dominated by this young fellow. I didn't have a lot of people I knew around me and was a bit isolated from other social activities. One year before Covid I already did an extended trip with Christian, who organized all possible tourist attractions in Dubai, so I was not looking to do them all over again.

Besides spending some time in the giant shopping malls, I was usually thinking about my next fuck with the coach. I recognized myself from the early days after meeting Christian when our fucking was the only thing I could think about. The more I had sex with him, the more I needed more sex. I am not into drinking a lot of alcohol (drunk after two glasses!), I don't smoke, don't do drugs but maybe sex is my true addiction?

One day I was walking in the mall, and I caught myself touching my neck. I was longing to wear the leather collar again. I texted the coach to ask if he could make it to the hotel.

If I could wait a few hours he could be with me. I agreed and he arranged that I could already go to the room. I used the extra time to buy a few sexy things. A pair of fine black heel sandals, a mini-skirt with pleats, a sort of high school uniform, and a light white shirt with short sleeves and enough buttons to create open cleavage were the result of a few quick choices.

Although I knew I wouldn't keep them on long time, I couldn't resist buying a Victoria's Secret string. When I arrived in the room I hurried to change. I didn't wear a bra this time and only used a few buttons. In the mirror, I could see my dark nipples shining through the white light fabric. I didn't try out the skirt in the store and noticed it was shorter than I thought, but okay, why not, it's only to show off inside the bedroom. Before he arrived I had my hair in a ponytail and hoped to surprise him with this girly look.

And he was! He quickly got the black leather collar out of his toy-bag, and put it tight around my neck, the chrome ring in front, unlike before when it was always on the back. He attached the leash and dragged me towards the door.

"Let's go for a drink first!" he said optimistically.

"I don't think so! Don't want to get in trouble!" I reflected.

"They already think you are a hooker", the coach said.

"You already saw how some of them are dressed or sometimes barely dressed!"

"Common, it will be fun!"

"No, I only come with you without the leash," I said, while I felt my pussy dripping.

"Okay, your choice: having a drink together without the leash, means no sex and if you choose for a drink with the leash I promise I'll fuck your brains out after!"

So he was challenging me. I wanted the sex badly so I gave in.

"Just know I will never get on my knees to crawl like a dog for you!" I said while I took my purse from the table, getting mentally ready to go.

He pulled the leash and got my body against his while standing at the door.

"One more thing," he said, and before I could do or say anything he had his hand under my skirt and pulled down my panties to drop them on my sandals.

"Step out!"

"Ohh, am I going commando in Dubai?" I heard myself thinking out loud.

"You like going commando?"

"As much as possible, but I need to know it's safe since with this short skirt it will be highly possible I will flash, even if I don't want to," I replied.

"Wauw, you surprised me now! And this hotel is safe for everything, for commando girls and even for a lot more," he said convincingly.

I stepped out, bent over to pick up my panties, and gave it to him. He brought it shortly to his nose to smell and then he put it away in his own leather Jack pack.

"Okay then, let's go for a drink - think I can use one or two!"

I should have had a drink in our room before going out like this. I was nervous and scared but followed the coach guiding me to the bar on the leash.

We crossed several people but nobody seemed to be shocked. We received a lot of smiles, that I could only reply to with a big smile myself.

The coach took two seats at the bar and ordered two cocktails. As a slow drinker, I knew we would not be back in the room quickly.

I have to say, besides the sex, this was also working very well as a kind of aphrodisiac on me: the leash, the leather collar, mini-skirt and commando, and a few hookers nearby, looking at me like I am a new colleague or new competition? The coach had his hand on my leg and let it slide under my skirt, barely hiding my naked pussy. We sat with our backs towards the bar to have a better view of the public.

While I was taking a sip from my cocktail, he said to open my legs for him. By obeying I expected he would slide a finger in to prepare my pussy for some great fucking later on. I put my purse on my lap to hide for others. The only thing he did was tease me under my skirt without any attempt to enter a finger.

He had to take of the leash when I excused myself to go to the ladies' room to freshen up a bit. I looked at myself in the mirror and the alcohol made me bolder. I opened an extra button to show more cleavage and when at the beginning of the visit at the bar I had pulled my skirt down on my hips to bring her lower, I thought it was time to higher the stakes by making things shorter to the limit.

When I returned, another woman sat on my chair talking to the coach. She didn't move when I came back but I didn't care. If the coach was trying to make me jealous; it was not working. When another man at the bar offered me his chair things turned out in my favor the moment he bought me a drink.

I thanked him for the drink by enrolling my almost forgotten exhibitionistic skills, giving him a full view of my almost naked tits. Because he was standing in front of me and limiting the view from others I spread my knees, making the hem of the mini skirt go up. Needless to say, the look of his eyes stuck like glue on my dripping pussy.

"How much for a night?" he asked.

Hmmm, that brought back hot memories when I played as an escort! (read about that in "A Dating App Paid My New Lingerie").

"You have to ask him," I said while pointing at the coach.

The coach followed the situation and got out of his bar stool. While attaching the leash he said that I was not available. I saw disappointment on the poor guy's face and apologized like I was sorry myself.

After the cocktail, we went back upstairs, still on the leash. He made sure we were alone in one of the elevators and he started to unbutton my shirt from the moment the doors closed.

"Take off your shirt and skirt" he commanded.

"Noway!" I replied directly.

"Okay, no sex then," was his response.

"Common, you're not serious!" I tried.

"90% of the guests know this place is mainly for sex, so what's your problem?"

Trying to meet halfway I opened the zip of my skirt. Meanwhile, he had stopped the elevator manually, showing he was serious about it.

He pulled down my skirt and hung it over my purse, which he'd already taken possession of. My shirt was just long enough to hide a big part of my ass and hoped to get away with it.

But he wasn't satisfied. When I let him open the last button, I knew he wanted me completely naked in the elevator. It made me feel very uncomfortable and at the same time very excited because he gave me the chance to explore my exhibitionistic behavior to the next level, this time in a very different way.

Before I enjoyed flaunting my nude body in naked resorts or on naked beaches where other people were naked, just like me, this time it was different risking being seen by dressed-up people in a corridor of a hotel. Alcohol, music, and the presence of hookers made my IQ go down and SQ up and forget I was in Dubai...

"Are you sure I can't get in trouble?!" I asked him again.

"If I wasn't sure, I wouldn't ask you because it would mean trouble for me as well," he argued.

Don't know if I was naive to believe him but I got more horny than afraid so I got naked in the elevator, except for my high sandals and leather collar with the leash. I gave my shirt to him.

"Okay like this?" I asked him, carrying a bit of anger in my voice, but convinced he would approve.

He checked me from top to toe and back.

"Next time we do a naked stroll together make sure you have your pussy shaved!"

He couldn't let go of the temptation to occasionally make derogatory comments...

"Yes sir! Completely? Or landingstrip, or...?"


Hmmm, me who thought those men preferred the natural bush...

Then he said to open my mouth and close my eyes.

I obeyed and felt he was fetching something out of his bag. Then putting something in, partially. With my tongue, I tried to guess but couldn't figure it out. It felt a bit heavy and round and at the moment he pulled it back out of my mouth I understood it was a butt plug. He wanted my saliva to make it slippery.

"Bend over and spread your arsehole!"


"You are my bitch now, just do what I say!"

I didn't have a lot of time to think it over. For the first time in my life, I felt a toy slipping in my butt after he added some more spit from him. I couldn't see it before he used it, but I was surprised it didn't hurt. After a few seconds, I knew I was going to like this!

Then he pulled the switch so the elevator continued his way up to our floor.

While passing the many floors up to ours, I was getting up slowly and was wondering if I hoped that the corridor would be empty, with no people, or would I hope there would be people to see me naked on heels pulled by a leash?

I felt myself preparing for the latter and straightened my back, shoulders back, and tits forward. My nipples were dark, hard, and pointing. When I moved my arse I felt something dangling against my legs. He let me check it out using the big mirror in the elevator. I saw some silver-colored little balls hanging on silver chains, long enough to hit my thighs and attached to the visible backside of the plug. The elevator arrived and the door opened. We immediately got confronted with two couples waiting to step in. They looked surprised but not shocked. They were amused and stepped aside to let the coach pull me by the leash out of the elevator.

"Come!", he said, acting like he didn't notice them. I followed him meekly but after a few steps, I turned my head around to look at the couples. They were still there, watching us, following us with their eyes, and checking my butt out for sure! Nothing discreet about that plug!

Before arriving at our door we passed a few more men, alone, on their way to the bar I presumed. Yes, they looked at me, but no, they didn't look shocked either, on the contrary.

When we entered the room I wanted to cheer from excitement but the coach didn't show any emotions. He said I tired him because he had wasted so much energy in making me follow his commands. Luckily I understood it was part of his role-play, where he needed to punish me. He pushed me on the bed, face down, and handcuffed me, hands on my back, like in a police movie.

"Next time no hesitation when I ask you to do something", he said.

"Yes sir!" I said while thinking my different thoughts about that.

I heard him take out the whip with strings and started to use it on my arse. He was careful and made the sound of the lashes more important than the force hitting me.

"I deserve harder!" I challenged myself.

So he did, but never harder than to produce "pleasant pain", if that word exists.

When he ordered me to get on spread knees, face still on the mattress I hoped he would take me doggy. He turned the collar ring to the back and pulled me up. Then he sat behind me and caressed me softly, taking my breasts from behind, and softly squeezing my nipples. Then he moved one hand to my pussy.

"You are so fucking wet!" He said as if I didn't know.

He gave the leash some length and let me down on my face again, my hands still cuffed on my back. I had my arse up in the air when I finally felt a cock teasing my pussy lips. I pushed against it to get him in me but he didn't cooperate. Suddenly the teasing cock was replaced by playing fingers and then a strong tongue licking my wet slit. He knew I was so eager for his cock and postponed it for a while longer, asking if I would prefer to be fucked by the guy at the bar.

"No, I only want you!" i said, trying to charm him.

I got used to his big dick after all those weeks of sex but it was still an amazing experience. He fucked me from behind for a long time. His six-pack pushed against the but plug giving me a new sensation. I heard his balls smacking against my legs while he used his hands alternately on my buttocks for some more punishment.

He felt it was time to uncuff me and I was happy to be able to use my hands. For support and being more comfortable on all fours, to use to stimulate my clit to cum hard...

"Do you want to shoot your load over my body?", I asked him politely.

I had to wait and see. He didn't answer and kept on fucking me. His voice changed to the sound of a hungry bear and I thought his moment was close. He pulled his cock out of my pussy and finished over my back, where I felt his warm sticky liquid spray over me.

After that short but heavy session, I needed a shower and got dressed again in my more classic clothes. I gave him my mini-skirt and shirt, to keep with his toys.

"And I want to keep the butt plug!" I said, still wearing it under my long dress.

When I heard Christian was about to arrive the next week I thought of breaking it off with the coach but couldn't. The day before Christian arrived I had "farewell" sex with my toy boy and it made me feel guilty for the first time. The plan was to spend another week with Christian in Dubai and return together.

The coach was on top of me, with his cock still inside my pussy after a last steamy session when I told him it was the last time.

"I don't know if this is the last time," he smiled.

Somewhere I was also doubting. He might be right, I thought.

"Well, never say never?" I said, giving the both of us hope for a sequel.

I met Christian the next day in the lobby of his hotel. We embraced, kissed, went to his room, and undressed to get in the huge walk-in shower. I knew we would end up on the bed quickly and was wondering if he would feel that my pussy had another cock less than 24 hours before...

Christian and I made love, had romantic sex, and enjoyed our stay after being separated for so long.

I felt lucky to have things both ways, loving and caring with my boyfriend and rougher, having my hair pulled while fucking doggy or having my ass whipped until it glows red with my toy boy.

I never talked about it and in Christian's mind, I fucked the coach only one time every two weeks, enough to make him excited to know I was still his Hotwife, but not enough to get jealous or angry.

When I was back in the UK the coach seduced me into a few sexy video calls, shortly after the trip, for example, to check if I was wearing his plug. But after that, we stopped all communication, each had his own life... again, that was also a bit of breaking a rule.

I never talked about it again with Christian, until the next year when we (my son and I) flew back to the same place in Dubai. My son was happy with the facilities and the coach - this time we only stayed for two weeks in winter. I had to message the coach to arrange the activities and reservations - so yes, after having sex with him for several months and much more than an occasional fling, this was another agreement that was about to be ignored - I had his number, but what can I say, it's for my son, right? And I had his number even before I fucked him.

I told others I organized this trip for my son, but honestly, I did it more for myself. It was the first time I planned a trip to fly out to have sex, rough sex. My son was just a good excuse.

The messages between the coach and me on WhatsApp were getting hotter and hotter, starting a few weeks before I flew to Dubai.

Texts like: "Are you ready to wear your collar and leash?"

like: "I have a new butt plug for you!"

like: "I have a big surprise for you!"

When preparing my luggage I gave more attention than before to bring some sexy stuff like real hot and sexy black lingerie, mini dresses, and black high heels. After arriving my son quickly found his friends from the year before. Mostly expats living there, and most of the time he stayed to sleep over, which made it easy for me to make time for myself and yes, the coach.

Another agreement ignored: repeating sex with the same guy.

The first night of my arrival we already ended up in bed. His style hadn't changed: even rougher than before and I liked it!

This time I informed Christian after we had sex and mentioned to him:

"Btw the guy is the same one I had sex with last year".... "Hope you don't mind"...

We talked and it seemed Christian understood the circumstances and didn't react negatively. He asked if I would have more sex with him during those two weeks. I told him only with his permission and I meant it. He said okay, but don't fall in love!

I was happy with his reaction and the coach was happy with his "girlfriend with benefits". That year we had sex almost every day that I was in Dubai and I limited sharing details with Christian to 4 times. A little white lie...

Meanwhile, it became "a habit" to go to Dubai one or two times every year. As long as my son wants to go we go, and now Christian also knows, I will fuck the same guy again:

"Are you sure you are going to Dubai for your son?" he asked me, with enough humor in his voice to let me understand he was not making trouble, but smart enough to know the coach is one of my reasons to go.

"Yes, of course, unless the coach gets tired of us!"

We had a serious talk about it and I could convince him to accept the fact that I won't fall in love and it's purely for sex. The only thing I don't do is tell him every time I do it with him - I don't want him to worry for nothing. So now I have one "regular" friend for a few weeks per year of rough sex and I am happy with that. So I guess the list of rules shrunk and it seems nobody got hurt!

In the next story, another important rule is at stake. I guess rules are meant to be broken after all.


Awesome story and so well-written.

I don't mean to say anything was happening with Christian that kept him from asking more questions.Perhaps, he was doing something siimilar in your absence?
Awesome story and so well-written.

I don't mean to say anything was happening with Christian that kept him from asking more questions.Perhaps, he was doing something siimilar in your absence?
thank you for your comment about my writing! About Christian, I am 99% sure he is not doing something similar in my absence. I know he is a bad liar and I would know for sure. He knows Dubai is far and I think that is why he can cope with it (and also that the guy will not visit me - that's impossible for me) - he told me like "well one time a year a few times with the same guy is ok"... it is something factual that is clear to him - it would not be the same if I told him, for example, I fucked a guy living in the village where I live and we do it only one time a year - think he would not trust or at least have his doubts... thank you for your question ;-)
First off, as always I love reading about your sexual adventures. I confess I get so turned on and I thank-you for sharing stories like this.

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