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  1. L

    Johnny Lozada

    Puerto Rican singer, actor, host and television personality most known as a member of "Menudo" with Ricky Martin.
  2. M

    Photo Miguel Leonn

    Wondering about this guy, an early 2000s pornstar who I believe also escorted in New York and Florida. Originally from Venezuela, he was active until a few years ago ... wondering if anyone knows where he landed, what he's up to today and if he has a presence online anymore.
  3. M

    Photo Marco Blaze - truly curious

    Hi guys. Huge fan of early 2000s pornstar Marco Blaze, pictured below. I've read that he had some kind of relationship with Levi Poulter near the end of his porn career, and that he may have returned to Argentina and even married a woman, but there's scarce word on him since 2010/2012. I know...
  4. Whoidbe1234

    Julius Lumsden

    I could swear he was in a porn from the 90s or early 00s... his Instagram is JuliusLumsden .... British guy, gorgeous! Used to work at Old gay bar in Chelsea NYC, Splash! Does anyone recall? Help! Julius Lumsden (@juliuslumsden) • Instagram photos and videos
  5. S

    Help Finding Dvd Or Scenes

    I've tried searching everywhere with no luck. There isn't a great deal to go on but I remember a DVD from the early 2000s with a black male lead with some kind of short dreadlocks or something. I'm pretty sure the title of the DVD had the word 'wet' in it. The first scene was a sunny day. A...
  6. T

    What ever happened to Big Bad Max?

    A man this magnificent can't just disappear off the face of the earth. Does anyone know where is is and what happened to him? Why hasn't any porn studio tried to pick him up? I miss this dude :frown1: GayForIt.eu - BigBadMax Cum Shot...