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8 inches

  1. E

    How big is your hard (erect) penis?

    How long is your penis? HOW TO MEASURE IT CORRECTLY: Measure the top edge of your penis – the side you can see when you look down. Measure from the tip to the pelvic bone – press the ruler into your groin until you feel resistance to compensate for hair, fat and skin. Measure with the ruler at...
  2. Chronicjacker

    Cock worshiper in so calif looking

    Hungry, masculine cock worshiper in so calif looking for a clean, DDF feeder with at least 8 inches. On going service, straight, DL, Bi is all good. Bbc to the front of the line. Excellent oral deep throat skills. I am 48, 6-2, 215, masculine, goatee and stash. Relax and get serviced like you...
  3. Stocky8x6uncut

    Video Complete face and body video

    Finally feeling brave enough to show my face along with the cock, what do you think.
  4. Typhoonbob

    New Member- Texas

    Hello! MY name is Jase and I am from the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I recently just turned 18 and I’m hoping to find some fellow members of the LGBTQ+ community to friend up w/. I am gay and single :) :ABOUT ME: Sex: Male Height: 6’1 Ethnicity: White Location: Texas Twink. Loves finding hot...
  5. D

    New Member with BBC

    Here is my measured 8-8.5 inch dick. I know the proper way is to measure from top bone pressed but I also measured bone pressed along the side since my dick is really curved. Joined this support group to answer any questions about having a big dick.
  6. #10 cork8x6

    #10 cork8x6

    The time has finally arrived, folks! This is our definitive list of the "Top 10 Sexiest BIG White Dicks" in all of porn. These final 10 BIG dicked studs are the absolute creme of the crop as far as our collective group of 5 are concerned. So without further adieu, here we go... @cork8x6 has...
  7. L

    Photo Big latino dick

    Lol my last post got a little of attention so why not fuck it.
  8. C

    More of Onlyfans/Twitter @smallboybigcock?

    I am looking for my pics and video of this guy. He recently closed his onlyfans and Twitter.
  9. K

    Big cocks in mid-michigan that want oral?

    19M, bicurious, and wanting to try new things. I’ve always had a fascination for giant cocks, and it’s been a little dream of mine as of late to just suck one. If you’re interested, send me a message and we can talk. I know i can’t be a chooser, but anything 8+ inches will grab my attention...
  10. J_Leroy

    Straight For Milking

    I’ve always had this fantasy of being tied and forcably milked but never done it. Its been a few years since I broke up with my ex and by the time I was over her lockdown happened so I’ve not been with anyone else in years. Now I want to live out this fantasy. I come to you, can travel to places...
  11. 6

    Photos & Videos How Many Brits Can Show 8” Or More?

    How many British guys here with legit big dicks? Show them here!
  12. B

    24m 8 Inches Looking For Bigger

    24m 8 inch cock hit me up here or on kik if you're bigger than me my kik is BottomForBigger
  13. serpentino

    8 Inches And The Girls

    Hi, I'm in my mid-30s now and since I'm more of a relationship kinda guy I haven't had too many experiences with women. I am only in my third relationship right now and I am curious to know what reactions other men with an 8-inch penis have been getting so far from women. I'm not super-big but...
  14. Stocky8x6uncut

    What Do You Think

    www.twitter.com/musclesandbulg1Was member before but can't gain access to my old account