1. D

    Dirty PHONE/CAM CHAT with younger guy

    anyone looking for an attractive, 26 year old bi white guy to chat with/stroke with/cam with via phone, I'm your guy. No limits here... just looking to have a fun, no limit conversation with likeminded individuals :) Please hit me up! I am looking for the next several hours... :)
  2. thebussyinvader

    Is 1 Year Too Soon? (LDR Question)

    I'm 26, live in the USA, polyamorous and have 3 boyfriends (And all 3 of us are in long distance relationships with each other). One (the person I'm writing about - let's call him Scott) is my partner of 8 months, who lives in Argentina. The other two live in the Philippines. Our 1 year...
  3. shdomfan

    Superhero domination fetish

    Anyone into superhero domination and know of any good scenes or fetish sites with good content? The first thing that comes to mind is the classic scene from Superman Returns where Lex and his thugs dominate Superman as he crawls through rocky puddles to escape, getting his suit completely wet...
  4. J

    24m Slave Looking To Torture A Big Mushroom Head On Skype Cam

    Hey Guys, I've String, Ruler, Rod, Pen, Clips, Rings, Clamp, Needle as toys. Who wanna use it on cam now? I am naked now and ready to cam. I am waiting! Skype is -> live:jonoxx1002
  5. ukdamon

    Orgasm Too Scary

    Hi I have autism and in my past, I was sexually abused. Ever since I’ve been to scared to ejaculate. I have a great dick and I like sex, but I never climax .
  6. jimmymac4

    Domestic Abuse...

    In my former role (let's just say I worked with very vulnerable people), we encountered many who were fleeing abusive relationships. The subject of gay men and the abuse some have experienced in relationships did come up but many were quick to say that they had never met a gay man who had been...
  7. 9

    Iowa fun

    looking for str8 bi men to try fantastic things with. Distreet got you