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  1. R

    Pedro Fernandes

    Twitter: @pedrojmmf OnlyFans: @pedrommfernandes
  2. MomentoMori92

    J.R. Villarreal

    I’ve had a crush on this guy since like 2006. I remember seeing him in Akeelah & the Bee & thinking he was super cute & he grew up to be a fucking stud. Shoutout to Disney for giving him a surprisingly form fitting outfit for his new show.
  3. N

    Links please help me find name of movie and actor

    please help me find name of movie and actor https://xhofficial.com/videos/girl-is-milking-her-tits-in-the-mirror-for-you-xhxMhmy
  4. D

    James Maslow

    James Maslow was one of my gay awakenings back in the day and he's still hot af.
  5. J

    Diego Domínguez

    so sexy
  6. NicHalliwell

    Photos & Videos Austin Miklautsch

  7. J

    Alessio Scalzotto

    Alessio Scalzotto - October 23, 2002 (20 at time of writing this) Italian-born Actor in American movies/tv, model.
  8. M

    Noah Schnapp

    He is cute ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  9. C

    Jimmy Nicholas

    He should have his own thread. So handsome and hot!!!
  10. Danter11

    Joshua Chhabra

  11. fireice42

    Russell Thomas

  12. C

    Photos & Videos Calem Macdonald @calemmac

    Do you guys have anything on him? He seems so hot!
  13. DarkUndeadSlayer

    Photos & Videos Larry Carter (Phylle)

    This guy right here! Is a throwback from my teen years lol, so I had to dedicate a thread to him! P.S. he has a nude or two that was saved on my old computer around the late 2000’s or early 2010’s I can’t remember lol. Hopefully someone still has them or him and his sexy ass husband will start...
  14. DerekD

    Photos & Videos My Famous Crushes

    Taron Egerton - BTS of Kingsman
  15. I

    Photo Josh Murray Actor

    Have you seen this hot daddy, Josh Murray? Yum! He is not only an actor, but is now a health & wellness coach. I think it is one of those businesses where you get friends to join and stuff. But, it might be a way to meet this yummy, yummy guy!
  16. D

    Photos & Videos Help! Anyone got more of his pics

    Anyone got his uncensored pics. Seems like it’s rarer than anything else on earth. Help.
  17. fireice42

    Cena and Meloni - Who Have The Best Ass

    {Freddie Stroma co-starring with john cena in the TV series Peacemaker. he's so excited, he is so happy to be working with john cena. behind the scenes they always be joking and laughing and they hang out together. Freddie always has been a huge fan of John Cena, him being in the WWE his...
  18. Y

    onur seyit yaran (turkish actor)

    he is so hot, would love to see more
  19. N

    Photos & Videos SAAK (Singer/Music producer/Actor)

  20. B

    Maxime Bouttier

    Anything on this guy?
  21. X

    Titus Makin Jr.

    Titus Makin Jr. - 33 years old, actor and musician best known for his roles in 'Glee' and of Jackson West in 'The Rookie'. Plays a lot of gay characters but isn't gay in real life as far as I know.
  22. sharkbait2021

    Niek Roozen // 25yo dutch actor

    Very hot twink! He is also very openminded, he kissed 2 guys in a movie. He has a girlfriend but I think he is bisexual.
  23. Danter11

    Axel Novoa @onlyfitnessboy

  24. D

    Eli Goree

    Eli Goree is a Canadian actor. He is best known for his roles as Quincy in HBO's Ballers, Malik in Da Kink in My Hair, Wells Jaha in the post-apocalyptic drama show The 100, Joel Goodson in the supernatural horror show Dead of Summer, and Cassius Clay in Regina King's biographical drama film One...
  25. ArmageddonAshir

    Brandon Grace

    He's this cute 20-something newcomer actor starring in the second season of Fate: The Winx Saga. He is definitely a hunk but mostly handsome.
  26. fireice42

    Favorite 90s Horror Hot Guys Ever

    Brad Pitt in Interview With The Vampire (1994)
  27. fireice42

    Gerald Downey

  28. Bluebailey

    An actor you want to have a proper nude scene.

    A satisfying nude scene that we wish we had or actors you want to show of his body
  29. fireice42

    Andrew Rogers

  30. T

    Photo Help me ID this daddy