1. fireice42

    CJ Williams

  2. J

    Leigh Whannell - Filmmaker / Actor

    I refuse to believe I'm the only one here into Leigh Whannell, the Australian filmmaker and actor most known for writing and starring in Saw (and its first two sequels) among many other horror films. There's not much content out there being he's mostly behind the camera — especially now, as a...
  3. fireice42

    Kevin Savage

  4. fireice42

    Mackenro Alexander

  5. fireice42

    Frank De Julio

  6. Lasagna34

    Ethan Erickson (Actor)

    Shocked there hasn't been a thread created for this "beefcake" actor after all these years. He appeared in TV shows, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Fashion House. He also appeared in some movies as well.
  7. M

    robert walker branchaud (actor)

    need more of this fine handsome daddy bear
  8. p4scal16

    Rhys Darby

    Starting a thread for him! This is Rhys Montague Darby, a new zealand actor and comedian. He has 49 years old and was the protagonist of Our Flag Means Death, a queer show
  9. fireice42

    Nate Haden

  10. fireice42

    Michael Gazin

  11. A

    Max Garfin (actor)

    Max Garfin Actor, Alex Garfin's older brother Max is 1.87 m tall or around 6'2"
  12. S

    Senseijude/Jude Collie

    Really cute british actor, recently in the BBC show Here We Go
  13. A

    Photo Renato Góes - Brazilian actor

    Renato Goes, Brazilian Actor
  14. Emmm.111

    Photos & Videos Lee Biran

    His an actor and singer from Israel and his really hot.. do you have things about him?
  15. heyyoh

    Kyle Selig

    A very talented Broadway hottie
  16. M

    iko uwais

    dont know much about him but ughhhh yummmm
  17. R

    João Gabriel Marinho from Surviving Summer

    I couldn’t believe he had no threads on here about him so I decided he needed one :))) He’s so handsome! He’s a Brazilian actor and as stated in the title he’s one of the stars from Netflix’s Surviving Summer. Enjoy the following photos. I have a lot more screenshots saved but these will have to...
  18. Hoe4Draco

    Lee Tiger Halley

    Anything on this gorgeous Australian actor from Boy Swallows Universe?
  19. M

    Daniel Dae Kim

    so the live action atla trailer got a specific scene and everyone seemed to enjoy it. i thought there would be a thread already, so here's to those that got thirsty :)
  20. F

    Nick Spano

    I always loved him in Even Stevens as the older I want him as my daddy...
  21. K

    Josh Dallas

    So I can’t find any threads really about josh dallas which is a shame cause he’s an absolute hottie so thought I’d make one
  22. heisenbergwhite1

    Finn Bennett - 28 y/o English actor

    Cute actor from True Detective season 4, hes English so hes probably uncut and hes done a few sex scenes before, hopefully some full frontal to come in the future.
  23. Penguin18

    Miloš Biković

    Casted for "The White Lotus" season 3 "The Telki" (2022)
  24. Penguin18

    Alexis Manenti (French actor)

    French actor with Serbian heritage. Something on him?
  25. V

    Enzo Vogrincic (Numa in Society of the Snow/La Sociedad de la Nieve)

    Uruguayan actor main star of the Netflix Hit Film
  26. A

    Dominic Sessa

    Actor from The Holdovers
  27. R

    Jordan Clark

  28. fireice42

    Bobby Naderi

  29. fireice42

    Matt McColm

  30. FabianAlfonso

    Griffin Santopietro

    Our guy Griffin is 18 now! He is so cute :heart_eyes: