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  1. jasperdejong

    Help ID this guy? Master Jerry / Anthony?

    I need help ID-ing this guy. He's a master / alpha / cashmaster etc. or at least he used to be because the newest video I could find on him is a few years old. Vids def look a bit older as well. In one video he goes by the name of Master Jerry, and in another he's Master Anthony. Only managed...
  2. GayGay21

    Video The Best Top

    This is a video someone shared with me and I wanted to share with you guys and I just LOVE IT. This top is perfect and I just want to get fucked by him SO MUCH, he’s just so powerful and has an amazing ass, andddddd shower fuck! Mhmmmm YES. PLEASE.
  3. Katast

    Id this alpha male

  4. A


    he is selling videos and pics if anybody is interested debating an OnlyFans account what do y’all think ?
  5. C

    Alpha Gays Are Real?

    Have you ever met an alpha gay guy? If so, what did you like about them and what didn’t you like about them? Back in the day we would say butch or macho or str8 acting. I think they are hot.
  6. H

    Hairandmuscle Chaturbate

    HAIRANDMUSCLE Chaturbate Porn Star Twitter: (@hairandmuscle1): https://twitter.com/hairandmuscle1?s=09 Chaturbate: Watch Hairandmuscle live on Chaturbate!
  7. Andremarkpts

    My big dicked friend