1. M

    Uber Driver / Delivery Guy / Handyman - Any videos with an unexpected encounter

    Hey guys, post any videos / pics / link with any unexpected encounters ;)
  2. not_hesoberz

    Leonardo Bittencourt - Brazilian Actor

    He was naked in the new Amazon brazilian movie, The Boy Who Killed My Parents.
  3. Badunkbadonk

    Any Success With Kindle Vella? Suggestions?

    I published two stories on the new Kindle Vella platform. It’s serialized, so I release a chapter every couple of days. I’m having trouble drumming up readership. True, the stories are in a very tight niche of male pregnancy - but sometimes that works out to my advantage. Have any of you...
  4. rrome_

    Aliexpress Gay Underwear Model

    Y'all have seen this guy more than once, but, do you know or have anything more on them?
  5. H

    Amazon Sextoy

    Hey, I'm looking for some rather minimalistic though efficent sextoys on Amazon I'd like to buy a prostate stimulator and cock rings Any recommandations?
  6. T

    Luke kleintank

    He’s a hot and beautiful actor he plays in Amazon primes the man in the high castle.
  7. W

    Video Amazon prime porn?

    I'm sure someone here has Amazon Prime and can answer this question. Does having Prime allow you to watch any of their streaming videos for free, or could there still be a fee for some titles? Would something like this play for free? Watch After School Special | Prime Video Or...