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anal sex

  1. D

    Sore from Bottoming

    My boyfriend is rathel well-endowed. 99% of the time, I never experienced any pain. He is the only man I have bottomed for, and it has always been a lovely, enjoyable, very pleasuring experience. However, I have noticed that after some encounters, I feel soreness in my bottom. This is usually...
  2. hotwife56

    Horny ph model loves anal

  3. hotwife56

    Horny Pornhub Model Loves Anal

  4. hotwife56

    Who Wants To Try Some Anal Play With Me?

  5. hotwife56

    Kinky Slut Loves Anal

  6. hotwife56

    I Love Cock Up My Ass

  7. hotwife56

    Need A Big Cock Up My Ass Heres A Preview

  8. iluvmen

    Why Do We Sweat During Receptive Anal Sex/anal Play?

    Hi guys, I am asking all men regardless of sexual orientation. Because not only gay men engage in anal play. My question is: What makes us sweat so much, what makes our body temperature rise so much during receptive anal sex or anal play? Because the receptive part is not doing anything...
  9. Krpt

    Rare Achievement Or Banal Ability?

    I have not seen anything quite like this. Does this require a kind of flexibility or stretchability or what? Tumblr: Image Nevertheless, very novel (to me) and very sexy! It seems like the top is worshipping the other guy in as many ways at once as he can. also the bottom's wearing socks! ;)...
  10. F

    How Long Do You Last During Anal Sex?

    I mostly last about few minutes, sometimes only 1-2 minutes, but one time I lasted 40 minutes. What about you?
  11. Crooked Cock

    Eliza Ibarra’s Interview On Anal Sex

  12. F

    How Is It Suppose To Feel?

    When you are bottoming (getting rammed) how is suppose to feel? I have been fucked a few times over the years, and I still don't get any real pleasure from it. A variety of guys have done me (safely) and I've been rimmed and such beforehand, but it still feels like I got to poop.... nothing...
  13. H

    Links Full Nelson Position Compilation

  14. JohnnyMission

    Biobidet's "vortex Wash" For Douching?

    I've been thinking about getting a bidet seat for a while, and I'm wondering about the quality of the BioBidet's "vortex wash" enema feature. Normally I use a shower shot (or a bulb when I travel), but the idea of just sitting down and getting my butt rinsed out on my toilet does sound pretty...
  15. Kontakt69

    Burning During Anal Sex

    Hi, Guys. My question is more for bottoms. And sorry for bad English. I’ve been trying to practice anal sex for about 5 years and still can’t do it normally. I had partners with normal and small dicks and tried to relax myself for a long time after preparings (massage, enema). Always the same...
  16. R

    Deep Sphincter

    How does one accommodate a longer penis during anal sex? I've no problem accepting cock in my ass, but longer ones cause quite a bit of discomfort when in full penetration (to the hilt, that is). I've heard of an inner or second or deep sphincter - what is it and is there anything I can do to...
  17. R

    How To Relax The "deep Sphincter"?

    How does one accommodate a longer penis during anal sex? I've no problem accepting cock in my ass, but longer ones cause quite a bit of discomfort when in full penetration (to the hilt, that is). I've heard of an inner or second or deep sphincter - what is it and is there anything I can do to...
  18. 1

    Photo Femboy Devotion

    Feminine guys (or "femboys") get a lot of hate for threatening the fragile psychologies of guys who fear the "stain" of femininity, but here's a thread specifically for enjoying feminine guys in all their glory. Share and enjoy! P.S.: Femboy does not mean transgender. NOTE If you don't like...
  19. Dan259

    Who Would You Switch For?

    Just a bit of fun for guys who are tops, bottoms or mainly one or the other. Or even straight guys or girls who would go gay for a particular hottie. I'm mainly a top but I would so love to bottom for this cute top in his black and white t-shirt. Post a picture or video of guys that are so hot...
  20. 1

    Video Best Power Bottoms

    Share videos/photos of your favorite power bottoms... VOTE IN THE POLL
  21. P

    Bottoming And Hemorrhoids, Tips, Advices, Experiences...?

    Hey Guys, I am bottom guy who does not have much experience with sex, but I certainly enjoy it way more than topping, however a lot of times I've found this experience quite uncomfortable. Not long ago I went to the doctor, and I found out I have 1st degree hemorrhoids, and wanted to know any...
  22. 1

    Sling Fucking

    Share and enjoy videos (and photos) of sling sex
  23. 1

    Gay Gifs

    Post and enjoy your favorite gay GIFs files
  24. 1

    Video Best Dildo Videos/photos

    Share your favorite dildo videos/photos...
  25. LeCollectionneurDeYanickShaft

    Ian Scott/yanick Shaft Videos Sharing (new And Rare Content)

    Welcome everybody, this thread is for eachs fans of the French performer Ian Scott (one the biggest penis and best performer in the industry,) I invite all the peoples to share content (dvd, scenes, pics), I noticed that some are very hard to find. I've got a big part of his discography but I...
  26. A

    Sex in jackson, ms

    Anyone interested in fucking my booty that is willing to travel for it please post a comment or send a pm, THANKS!!!
  27. ManTubeula

    She offered anal 4 vday

    my reputation should precede me here as a perv...very aggressive sexually and nearly insatiable ...no one indulges in pleasure like me while also maintaining a side life as a normal functioning human being..I edge for hours at a time ..saving orgasms for the right moment.. I love the gym as much...
  28. 1

    Initiating anal

    Hi all - so my boyfriend and I moved in together a couple months ago, and we just haven’t had anal sex as much as I would like. I’ve spoken to him about it, and he wants it more frequently too. However, he (who always tops) never feels like he can initiate it, since he doesn’t know if I’m...
  29. Badunkbadonk

    The butt baby m-m pregnancy

    Written as though it were 1981, this twisted tale is nearly a novella. Chuck, a beta male if ever there was one, attends a dinner party that quickly devolves into an orgy. His best friend, "Nick the Dick" inadvertently impregnates Chuck. His life spirals out of control until he finds the kind...