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  1. Shlevy10


    Will there ever gonna be an app for this site? I wish i could get notifications here on my phone screen... (Dont wanna let a dude wait for a sexy pic, while im doing nothing and refreshing the site LOL)
  2. S

    Desire App, Control My Device

    I have a prostate massager in and want someone to control it whilst I lay here. You will need the app and to send me your username.
  3. Jimiskewl24

    Any Videos Apps Like "myvidstar"?

    Are their any videos apps for porn that are similar to Myvidstar?
  4. JayPR

    Grindr And Dating/hookup Apps: Do You Ignore Messages When Not Interested?

    I'm curious about this topic because I was the kind of person that never ignored messages on dating apps, even if I was not interested. I used to respond, a short conversation, good manners, you can meet great people as friends. If the person started hitting on me, I would just say: “Thanks, but...
  5. E

    Ideas For A New App

    Guys, I'm working on this idea of developing a Tinder-like app to match masturbators around the world.. Main idea is to match body, dick and fetish preferences... You guys got anything to add? Oh, it's gonna be a free app!