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  1. H

    Art porn threesome mmf homoerotic

    Looking for more videos like this, threesome or more with one girl, artsy or romantic or sensual and even homoerotic but not too bisexual or gay
  2. TheArdentNomad


    Artist|Designer|Photographer. UK based creative looking for open minded Models/Muses to collaborate with for some nude artistic content. Also up for meeting with other creatives for Friends and Fun. 26|8"|Versatile|Switch. Twitter: @TheArdentNomad
  3. O

    Photos & Videos Appasart

    Just here to post art from appasart Twitter: https://twitter.com/appasart?t=aFFEv2ofoYmfaIqCfvoU_g&s=09 Patreon: Appasart is creating NSFW Bara /Homoerotic illustrations | Patreon
  4. P

    Anyone got art by Madakou?

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Madakouu?lang=en-GB He does art for HandJob Mags Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/HandjobsMag/media Wondering if anyone has any of the Dad's Bedtime-tales Newsletters Issues: 376, 385, 380, 388, 393 or 397. (Madakou has 1 comic in each of these) I know they are...
  5. P

    fantasiesoftyler sims 4 porn creator

    Anyone got fantasiesoftyler straight jock roomate part 2? https://gay.bingo/video/216977222 here is part 1 But I can't find part 2 anywhere, all his videos were deleted off xvideos at one point. But people slowly started uploading them back up. But can't find part 2 anywhere.
  6. M

    Gay Henti / Comic Porn

    So this past week, I’ve been googling a lot of comic/drawing/cartoon/art work gay porn to try to give people a fantasy about other people on other posts. I have found some really REALLY hot stuff I will be sharing on this post. This will exclude any children’s and action themed entries (Disney...
  7. D

    Dick art?

    Any dick drawings, paintings, 3d artwork?
  8. G

    Photos & Videos @dortchdesigns Onlyfans free access videos

    Hello, Can someone post @dortchdesigns onlyfans videos in this thread ? The access is free, but I don't want to create an OF account (with my credit card info) here is the link OnlyFans For people like me (no OF account), they post "soft" videos on Vimeo : Anthony Dortch In their last video...
  9. magicpandora

    Pump 2022 Lookbook Calendar

    Anyone happen to have a copy of the underwear’s brand’s 2022 lookbook calendar with all the hung good looking male models? Thx!
  10. Loveboysvmuch

    Photo Flyingpings onlyfans

    There is an amazing artist called Flyingpings and I really would like to see her work, especially her NSFW Death Note artwork. If you can help it would be greatly appreciated!
  11. CS4282000

    Bludwing (@Bludwingart) (Twitter/Patreon)

    I feel like there’s not enough or none at all about NSFW artists on this site, so why not start a thread with probably one of best. You can find their art on Twitter but the real steamy and hot full art is located on their Patreon, which is basically the Onlyfans equivalent for creators like...
  12. M

    Cocks And Books

    I’m a sucker for nerds, especially when there reading with there sucks out. Anyone else?
  13. Gaypornfaker

    Digital Distortion On Twitter

    I found this person who makes celeb porn. I’m interested in his Tom Holland ones. On his patreon they are charging £15 for fully uncensored. Anyone already have the Tom Holland ones? Here are some teasers from his twitter
  14. gise

    Amateur Model Art

    Hi friends! I would like to open a thread for all LPSG fans to post their photos or those they find of amateur art. For them to cheer up, I start with some of my own art
  15. L

    Can Art Be Arousing And Stimulating?

    I’d like to hear your opinions, feelings and thoughts about these two drawings I did today incorporating hand gestures.
  16. P

    Anyone Got The Full Comics 'neighbor' By Slashpalooza

    Does anyone have the full comics 'Neighbor' by Slashpalooza, looking for the full set.
  17. L

    Artist For Model

    I’m a figure artist searching for guys wanting to model for drawings.
  18. L

    Artist Is Back

    Hi there, I've been away for a short while and am back to the community. I'm an aspiring artist and designer, always search for inspirations to create artwork as below.
  19. 1

    Artist Looking For Endowed Males

    I’m studying fashion design but thought I would branch out in my artistic adventures after joining lpsg yesterday. Reach out if you like what you see and want yours drawn.
  20. Y

    Photos & Videos @1tvar1 Model From Insta? ♥

    anything from this cutie?
  21. L

    Do You Prefer Art Or Irl Porn?

    Hey, new here, thought I'd check this site out a little. I've been wondering how many people prefer illustrated porn to images/videos. There's so much of both, so I was wondering how many people preferred what. I personally prefer illustrated stuff but I enjoy photos and videos a good amount...
  22. F


    Any photographers on here? Amateurs or professionals, and anything in between. If so, what do you usually shoot for subject matter? What do you shoot with? Even if you are just taking photos on here to show, feel free to join the discussion. If you are able too, share a photo or two on here...
  23. 1

    Anime, Art, Bara, Cartoons & Yaoi

    I didn’t see a thread for this subject, so I thought I’d make one. Post your favorite fictional boys/men! Adult Sokka (Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra) by Schizoid Art Ban (The Seven Deadly Sins) by Suyohara Batman & Robin by an unknown artist
  24. W

    Questions For An Art Project

    Hello everyone, I don't know if I am in the correct forums for this but I thought I would give it a shot. My friend and I are participating in an experimental sound festival, and our topic is about sexual experiences as a gay/bi/curious man and the sharing of gay experiences through online...
  25. Southlincsnudist

    Penis Tattoo

    I want a tattoo just above my cock or on it, I was thinking something tribal. Looking for suggestions or advice from anyone who has had one done already
  26. Backtwoblk

    Nudist (me)

    Working on my website, all things me. From top to bottom, nudes, art , and life. Backtwoblk.com check it out and let me know what u think..
  27. D

    Naughty Nostalgia: Erotic Art History

    I’m fascinated by art history in general, but especially by artists of yore that created art with a decidedly sexual allure. Eugene Reunier was the pseudonym of Carl Breuer-Courth, a German erotica artist of the 1920s.
  28. frank5120

    Photo Erotic Asian Photography

    I love these professional studio shots that are more editorial. Artistic and Erotic! i know there are a lot of these out there. I love the fantasy ones. They’re soooo hot. I’d love to see more
  29. K


    Love their insta. Anyone pre-ordering? Wanting to chip in for shared scans or glimpses maybe. Is that a thing?
  30. Penisart4u

    What Brought You To Lpsg?

    Hey everyone, I am curious as to what brought you all to LPSG and did you find what you were looking for? My curiosity of other people’s sexuality and their experiences with their/or someone else’s penis drew me here. I also wanted a place to post photos for people who wanted to look at that...