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  1. K

    Mortal Kombat 1

    i’m obsessed with literally every male in this game so i wanted to create a thread dedicated to mortal kombat 1 guys fakes, art, hot pics, etc. drop anything you got!!
  2. rileybug

    Hung Bottom / Starving Artist New in San Diego, California

    Hi guys! My name is Riley and I am originally from the mid-west, but more recently moved from New York to California and now reside in San Diego. I am an artist and photographer by day (freelance currently while searching for the next full-time gig). I am passionate about fitness, bodybuilding...
  3. S

    Photo Need help ID this comic

    I thought about this comic the other day and how use to jerk off so bad to this pic, never knew who the artist is nor the original file source :(
  4. SATwink92

    Photo Do we like soft cocks here?

    He was a little shy this morning
  5. P

    Desaxxx Porn art

    Anyone keep an updated google doc or folder of art from Desaxxx on twitter and patreon? https://twitter.com/desaxxx/media Desaxxx | creando Gay Comics, Photo editing, Animations | Patreon
  6. B

    NSFW art/yaoi of YouTubers

    I thought it would be interesting to share some saucy art of our favourite content creators. I'll start with some of my favourites + some of my art (in order: Steve from Good Vibes Gaming, Matt McMuscles, PeanutButterGamer, Lockstin, Braxton (JustStop).
  7. hrvywlkr

    Need NSFW for your stories?

    Hey guys - I’ve been doing a lot of retro-comic-style art lately, and I thought I’d offer commissions if any storytellers are interested. USD$10 per, Venmo/Pay accepted, and examples are below. If interested, message me and we’ll discuss your characters. If you’re interested in multiples, or...
  8. hrvywlkr

    Taking NSFW Art Commissions

    Hey guys - I’ve been doing a lot of retro-comic-style art lately, and I thought I’d offer commissions if anyone is interested. USD$10, Venmo/Pay accepted, and examples are below. If interested, message me and provide 2-3 reference photos if you want to see yourself in the style, and a short...
  9. the_farenheit

    Photo Would you like to be drawn?

    Hey everyone, I’m an artist and love drawing and illustrating. It’s always been kinda difficult to find people willing to be drawn naked but after they see the results that usually changes. I started recently a twitter account https://twitter.com/eroticmalelines where I am posting some of the...
  10. _mfrankb_

    Penis Portraits - Hand Drawn Art

    I have been drawing penis portraits, and just started accepting commissions. If you’re interested in getting a portrait drawn of your penis please visit my DeviantArt page for more details. milesfxavier - Hobbyist, General Artist | DeviantArt
  11. dlombra

    Andrew Sedgwick Guth

    wishing for the day he will make an onlyfans account he is an artist who makes sewing paintings of men, check it out https://twitter.com/sedgwickguth Andrew Sedgwick Guth (@sedgwick_guth) • Instagram photos and videos
  12. I


    Someone has pictures of Marcomo to share, his Twitter is always deleted and suspended, then everything is deleted and it is difficult to follow. And I want to see new drawings of him.
  13. C

    Photo Celery Man (gay erotic art)

    I’m a big fan of CeleryMan6’s art style, especially his Seamus character. kinda surprised he doesn’t have anything on here so I decided to make an appreciation thread! Reddit: u/CeleryMan6 twitter: @CeleryMan6 insta: @celerymanart
  14. agmxxm

    AI generated nude male photography

    I didn't really get it at first - but after playing with some AI art generators for a few hours, I've learned you can make almost anything you can think of come to life. Here's a few I made in a matter of a couple hours. Anyone else have some to share?
  15. Seanconner456

    Photos & Videos MODELS MODELS MODELS

    All models fashion,runway,nude,artistic, fitness, etc..
  16. O

    Anyone know who this DILF/GILF is?

    I was on twitter when I saw this account that posts references for art and I couldn't help but notice this incredibly sexy guy on one of their things. If anyone is able to ID this man, that would be greatly appreciated, thank you. these are the links where you can find the references Male...
  17. S

    Photo Peter Cæsar Williams | Petarious

    Twitter Instagram Website
  18. male Feet As Art

    male Feet As Art

    Male Feet As Art Male Feet As Art I have a genuine love of male feet. This blog is for like minded lovers if male feet. This is a blog to showcase the male foot as art. Beautiful, masculine, sensual, sometimes humourous, sometimes intimidating. I hope you'll...
  19. _mfrankb_

    NSFW Art

    I recently made an Instagram account to showcase my NSFW art. Includes work depicting both male and female bodies. Come check it out and follow if you like what you see! @miles.f.xavier Example:
  20. N

    XXXMARBELITE - Amazing pics and vids

    He is something else.... anyone sub to his only fans yet?
  21. woodshed775

    Photo Male Art, men in art, Drawing, sketching, painting, and Photography of Men. Depictions of men clothed or nude in art.

    To collect and post images of men depicted in art of any kind. No accounting for taste, but looking to answer a post asking: Do you know if there are any male tasteful nude art threads here? I'll post a few to start, please add any image you want to share.
  22. H

    Art porn threesome mmf homoerotic

    Looking for more videos like this, threesome or more with one girl, artsy or romantic or sensual and even homoerotic but not too bisexual or gay
  23. TheArdentNomad


    Artist|Designer|Photographer. UK based creative looking for open minded Models/Muses to collaborate with for some nude artistic content. Also up for meeting with other creatives for Friends and Fun. 26|8"|Versatile|Switch. Twitter: @TheArdentNomad
  24. O

    Photos & Videos Appasart

    Just here to post art from appasart Twitter: https://twitter.com/appasart?t=aFFEv2ofoYmfaIqCfvoU_g&s=09 Patreon: Appasart is creating NSFW Bara /Homoerotic illustrations | Patreon
  25. P

    Anyone got art by Madakou?

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Madakouu?lang=en-GB He does art for HandJob Mags Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/HandjobsMag/media Wondering if anyone has any of the Dad's Bedtime-tales Newsletters Issues: 376, 385, 380, 388, 393 or 397. (Madakou has 1 comic in each of these) I know they are...
  26. P

    fantasiesoftyler sims 4 porn creator

    Anyone got fantasiesoftyler straight jock roomate part 2? https://gay.bingo/video/216977222 here is part 1 But I can't find part 2 anywhere, all his videos were deleted off xvideos at one point. But people slowly started uploading them back up. But can't find part 2 anywhere.
  27. M

    Gay Henti / Comic Porn

    So this past week, I’ve been googling a lot of comic/drawing/cartoon/art work gay porn to try to give people a fantasy about other people on other posts. I have found some really REALLY hot stuff I will be sharing on this post. This will exclude any children’s and action themed entries (Disney...
  28. D

    Dick art?

    Any dick drawings, paintings, 3d artwork?
  29. G

    Photos & Videos @dortchdesigns Onlyfans free access videos

    Hello, Can someone post @dortchdesigns onlyfans videos in this thread ? The access is free, but I don't want to create an OF account (with my credit card info) here is the link OnlyFans For people like me (no OF account), they post "soft" videos on Vimeo : Anthony Dortch In their last video...
  30. magicpandora

    Pump 2022 Lookbook Calendar

    Anyone happen to have a copy of the underwear’s brand’s 2022 lookbook calendar with all the hung good looking male models? Thx!