1. ChrisGerman

    Photos & Videos Asmrhallpass

    Hi all, I’ve been waiting for the day he would make an OF, didn’t think there would be a day tho.. but here we are and I think now he deserves a thread too. OF: OnlyFans YouTube:
  2. L

    ASMR Mehmet OnlyFans

    Turkish ASMRtist "ASMR Mehmet" has recently opened an OnlyFans account, featuring fully nude male massages, and he even hinted that his future content will include sex videos too. I thought I'd make a thread for us all to discuss his content, both on YouTube and on OnlyFans! He's seeming like a...
  3. L

    Emircan ASMR OnlyFans

    YouTube ASMRtist Emircan ( has JUST started an OnlyFans page (OnlyFans) today! Emircan is a gorgeous Turkish barber/masseur, with incredibly hot guests on his channel. He hasn't explained in detail what kind of content will be on his OnlyFans - whether it's...
  4. D

    ASMR Boss Youtube (Thomas Thies)

    Anyone have anything on ASMR Boss (Thomas) ? He’s such a cutie! His content is super good, but him being attractive is just the cherry on top
  5. 2

    Photo Pj Dreams

    Does anyone have PJ Dreams nudes?
  6. M

    Cute Guys Of Asmr

    Anyone notice how cute ASMR Orion, Dennis and Zeitgeist are? I believe a similar page was deleted due to mention of PJ so do not mention him. Make a separate thread for that.
  7. D

    Pj Dreams?

    Anyone have PJ Dreams’ nudes? It was posted here a while back, but the threads got deleted. Care to share?