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    LOST STORY: Any leads? (Literotica)

    I read a story that someone posted on a semi-related thread that was so hot to me. I have been trying to find it for months. It's somewhere on and it is about a mostly straight guy playing sports and accidentally having gay sex. There's a pile up during a soccer game, and a guy...
  2. T

    Who are these butt-munching models?

    I would like to know who these models are and what video this lovely gif is from. Thank you!
  3. G

    sethpetersonxxx and connerblakely

    Do someone have the full video from his onlyfans
  4. A

    Martin Ferrazzo, Flirt4Free Model

    Hey, do anyone know him?? He is Martin Ferrazzo, he used to webcam live in Flirt4free, now he seems unavailable, he is super hot and has sexy ASS, I wonder there is no thread of him here, please do share any pics, videos or information about him.
  5. L

    Honest opinion. Would this sell on onlyfan?

    As probably a lot of you, I too have been caressing the idea of opening an Onlyfan. I mean, first-bang-then-cash, literally sounds delicious. But I also had mixed feelings about it. Like “Ok, I am not fit atm neither hung so, what am I going to sell these people?” And also stuffs like “Will I...
  6. David Arons

    Photos & Videos Ass licker omega

    There's this amazing account on twitter called Asslickeromega and he has the best ass eating videos and i was wondering if anyone has any full videos.
  7. 24 (1 of 1).JPG

    24 (1 of 1).JPG

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    Sloppy Wet Ass Eating

    Hi all! So I’ve followed a few threads before with best ass eating recommendations but they haven’t been the best haha… (no offence to any previous posters!) for my personal taste anyway… So just wondering does anyone else enjoy sloppy spit filled ass eating scenes? And have any faves to...
  9. W

    Can Anyone Id This Latin Ass?

    Hey all! I've been a bit obsessed with this vid of these two hot (assuming on my end here) Latin guys. Anyone know their names or other scenes?
  10. F

    Ass Eating

    Having some fun with my hubby
  11. C

    Ass Eating / Eat The Booty Like Groceries / Salad Tossing - Straight, Gay/lesbian, Transgender

    any form of ass eating between men, women, transgenders. ALL Ass Eating welcome.
  12. J

    Would You Rim The Poster Above You?

    Lots of posts about dicks let's start one for ass!
  13. N

    Video Any More Of This Guy (eating Ass)

    I would love to know if there is out else on this guy or if anyone knows who he is??
  14. fireice42

    Male Celebrity Rimjob

    Top 10 Male Celebrity Ass You Want To Eat Out ???
  15. davis0444

    Photo Eating A Hot Ass