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ass play

  1. KinkyGothicboy

    Hello I'm brand new here gothic, tattooed, slim, Twink

    I have no idea how to use this site yet but have gone through it some, and thought I'd share myself and see what anyone thinks:) I'm very very kinky open-minded alt twink. I'm also bi shaven and never have had a real anal before. I've only gave head to one male before nothing more than that but...
  2. N


    He is a white man with a ENORMOUS cock, like it's long and vein, he is probably straight since some of his content shows a woman's hand. But he also do a lot of ass play. So basically he is a most likely straight man with a huge cock and huge ass. Does a lot of a ass playing video.
  3. L

    Photos & Videos Connor / SteezyB / SteezBarista Onlyfans

  4. helicopter51

    Someone pls help id/find source

    Saw this video on Boyfriendtv and I found it pretty hot. Anyone know the original source or the name of the guy in the vid? Seems to be from Onlyfans but the watermark on the bottom right is blurred out and I wanna know the creator and see if they have more similar content.
  5. K

    Any other sites similar to William Higgins' Str8hell?

    Specifically looking for site that focuses on ass plays, involves gaping holes and such.
  6. J

    Video Favorite Fingering Videos /guys Getting Fingered?

    whats your favorite vidoes or links of guys getting ass fingered or doing assplay. im an ass guy.
  7. Milkdud123

    Photos & Videos Gmacallempeaches/alacka09 Onlyfans

    Does anyone have any content from this guy he has a super fat ass he does a lot of sales on his onlyfans and he says no PPV really appreciate some content from him https://twitter.com/alacka09 onlyfans.com/nasty_to_a_t
  8. E

    Heyy From Belgium

    Heyy guys, Brazilian bttm here Looking for hung men in Belgium
  9. J

    Strapon Dreamer

    I've stumbled upon this website, which has pretty greats scenes, but there's not much about it out there. Per usual, this is another str8 porn website that do not name the male models, so I've come here hoping for some IDing help!
  10. C

    Hot Twitter Gays I Seen With Of

    Making this for guys I seen on Twitter and didn’t see a thread for them on here. Mainly for guys that are unknown, or not popular enough and I happen to have their stuff.
  11. J

    What About Those Chaturbate Boyfriends?

    Because I can't be the only one that stumbles upon a girl's (or couple's) CB account and think 'why is he second chair in this?'
  12. skypeass28

    Addicted To Ass(play)

    This thread is for guys who are mad about the male ass: bubble butts, ass in jockstrap, tight holes, loose lips, ass stretching, dildoes and plugs, fisting, ass show off, ass in lycra, ass in panties, ... Looking for skype webcam sessions with: - tops who like to see some hot round ass in gear...
  13. DumberFusionBlue

    Dildo Play

    Hi guys! While ago I bought some toys (dildo and buttplug) as I wanted to get some more feeling on what it would be to bottom. No experience at all on that front as I always top. Got to the point where I can slide in the dildo but how do you get to the part where you can really start riding...
  14. skinnymini

    Wanted: Humiliation Video Tasks Or Dares From Women

    With themes of small penis humiliation, exposing the asshole (I'm straight!), or busting the balls! Let's have some fun! Here's my last video: https://www.lpsg.com/gallery/videos/measuring-my-short-skinny-dick.3279931/
  15. masskonfuzion

    Am I A Bisexual Because I Get Aroused When I Let Guys Masturbate To Me On Webcam?

    I can't help but get turned on when I show my body and see them get hard and cum. I can't ever imagine letting someone fuck me or anything like that but the thought of stroking and edging a cock really turns me on. Also the thought of seeing a nice ass bending over while stroking him while...
  16. D

    Video Me Playing With Myself

    Hope you enjoy.
  17. Jake1973

    Sneak Peak: Built For Show, Chapter 48, Airport Security (m/m, Cmnm)

    This is a chapter from a much longer story I've been working on forever. The whole thing is not ready to be shared but I thought this was fun on its own. A popular fantasy for exhibitionists involves airport security, getting pulled aside for further inspection, etc. In this chapter our...
  18. Skagen Krauss

    Photo Who Is This Football Player?

    Does anybody know the name of this hot football player? And are there videos of him too? https://www.lpsg.com/data/photos/l/987/987299-1554355079-68f55dc9ec14c18c52400e5aabb86f65.jpg