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  1. F

    Lubomba Munkuli | @lubomba

    I dunno how this guy isn’t on here yet, I love him. Lubomba Munkuli, bodybuilder and fitness influencer, also has a creative company. He’s cute, tall, fine and thicc as hell. Ass is crazy, always peeking and he’s been posting lots of underwear pics lately. Seems squeaky clean but idc he’s fine...
  2. H

    Photos & Videos Matt O'Riley - Footballer

  3. P

    Balls from behind

    Guys from behind inspired but where you can clearly see their balls. Best position (in my opinion) is on all fours, so you can get a great look at everything, but it just does something to me when you can see a mans ass and his balls. To me its a very vulnerable and submissive position so to...
  4. F

    Video Does anyone know who these guys are?

    I've seen this video pop up a few times on Twitter and have been unable to find out who either of them are. Any help is appreciated!
  5. C

    AndresGuedez0 and Joelinblue

    AndresGuedez0 Andrés Guédez (u/AndresGuedez0) - Reddit OnlyFans
  6. paulwyatt

    Guys From Behind.

    Just “Guys From Behind”.
  7. Pip-l-star

    Who want my ass ?!

  8. J


    I decided to start a nude a thread on Gebereal
  9. G

    Snap: thegaynudes

    Add my snap: thegaynudes 18+, from UK love huge asses and big bulges. Send me some snaps ;)
  10. J

    Rob Piper onlyfans

    Rob Piper is open to posting Bi Content and he has been making a lot of assplay vids
  11. M

    Any pictures of men accidentally showing their asshole?

    There are a lot of pictures with guys accidentally showing their cock. Does anyone have pictures or videos of men accidentally showing their asshole?
  12. ItsMeGabriel

    Marek Lichtenberg

    Model / Actor. And hot.
  13. L

    Australian Bratwurst in Munich

    NOTE: this is a long story, in two parts… I had a big night in Venice. No big deal, a few “Hangover” style photos in place of memories, a drunken make-out session in a Fountain, and a night of spewing. I survived the bus ride the next day, but only barely, and safe to say, the idea of another...
  14. C

    Armin Ramic nudes HOT PICS

    Hey i am looking for some hot pics and videos of Armin Ramic. @arminramic_ Havnt seen a thread thats why i am opening one now. So hot with a nice juicy ass.
  15. J

    Caramel Men

    This thread is dedicated to the caramel Brothas
  16. R

    Help ID this SeanCody video

    Hey! The top's ass is really fucking hot here. Does anyone recognize the name of this video? I found it on twitter
  17. fireice42

    Kris Ruksaphol

  18. halfiejap123


  19. P

    Anyone got art by Madakou?

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Madakouu?lang=en-GB He does art for HandJob Mags Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/HandjobsMag/media Wondering if anyone has any of the Dad's Bedtime-tales Newsletters Issues: 376, 385, 380, 388, 393 or 397. (Madakou has 1 comic in each of these) I know they are...
  20. B

    Who is this twitter guy?

    Who is this twitter guy? Can’t find this guy anywhere!
  21. halfiejap123

    Rate my ass

  22. P

    Andrew Acres

    Anyone got anything on Andrew Acres? Twitter: https://twitter.com/Andrew_A26/media Insta: https://www.instagram.com/andrew_acres/?hl=en
  23. V


    I found the original vid of this amazing ass on this site, but these screenshots are all I got left. Anyone got the name of the dude, or the original vid?
  24. P

    Anyone know what happen to Reece Atkens on onlyfans?

    Anyone know what happen to Reece Atkens? His Reddit is: Reece Atkens (u/reeceatkenss) - Reddit - hasn't posted for months though. Deleted his onlyfans.
  25. J


    This Thread is dedicated to The Biggest Black Muscles,Dicks,and Asses
  26. F

    Who is this guy? DILDO ACTION

    I love this guy, but I don't know who is!! :worried: Can you help me?
  27. S

    Kyron Kruger - Kyron_Kruger

    https://twitter.com/KyronKruger kyronkruger (@kyronkruger) TikTok | Watch kyronkruger's Newest TikTok Videos Fansly - Start Interacting With Your Fans
  28. Speedtodd

    My Cock & Ass

    Those Emails I got asking about My Cock & Ass - Will Here You
  29. N

    Who is this?

    Does anyone know, who this guy is? He has some very hot solo vids witha lot of dirty talk. I find him soooo hot but I can't figure out who he is or where he releases his stuff.
  30. L