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  1. D

    Breed me deep!

    I need a lot of cum inside me! Who wants to squirt his cum deep inside me? My wish is that several men one after one dump their cum deep inside me.
  2. D

    Receive my blonde babies inside your ass?

    The prettiest man hairless butt and butthole may receive my cum inside!
  3. Hornyartist

    I'm enjoying being a bottom for the first time!

    (This is my first thread so I hope I am doing this right, be kind to me!) Im a 19M and I have NEVER enjoyed bottoming till this past year. I've had lots of anal sex as a top and started to get bored with it. However, I've discovered I love the feeling of being penetrated and its entirely...
  4. voyeurfan

    How to improve sensation during anal sex ?

    How to improve the sensation for the top during anal sex ? From my experience so far with different partners, once the penis penetrates the hole and the tip goes past the anus , it feels hollow like a cave inside and I have no sensation from it. I have tried different positions such as doggy...
  5. D

    Photo who likes to show his hole pics

  6. Whyyoulittle

    Favorite position for ass nude

    How do you like seeing an ass pic the most? My favorite is the way I took below. The First one is hard to get camera stability but very worth It. Also there's More where that came from
  7. B

    I Need Help To Id This Gorgeous Man!

    Please help me ID this beautiful man who eat ass like no one else! This video is where he is eating out Rianocerus. Unfortunately I have had no luck finding his name.
  8. H

    Pale Ass And Tan Lines

    I’ve been obsessed with pale asses lately!! Be free to share anything you have collected or have taken!! I’d love to hear stories too!
  9. H

    New Snapchat Thread

    I’ve been struggling to find recent threads with people who want to chat and trade on snapchat. i’m making one here. Looking to make some group chats too. 20 m, hung, 8 1/2 in. jeff_dal2021
  10. Tony8008

    Video Got Fucked Hard

    This was my first time realy getting fucked by someone. I had to check my asshole the next day because of how sensitive it is. It was all worth it though because my top has an 8incher and he is uncut.....great cock.
  11. 1

    Male Celebrities Naked

    The thread to post any male public figure and their dicks!