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  1. H

    FBoi Island Australia

    Starting a thread for the guys from F Boi Island Aus. There would have to be nudes from these guys with how arrogant they are. Anyone have anything on them? If you know their circ status post that too
  2. F

    Gallza_13 (Ju-Jitsu Fighter)

    So apparently this dude has just started an OF. (Www.Instagram.com/gallza_13) Straight ju-jitsu athlete from Australia. super sexy body… would love to see what he’s packing. Has anyone subbed? heard on the grapevine he has a video of him snowballing with the girl who’s blowing him…
  3. E

    jakechanning somebody has any of this aussiee

  4. J

    Photos & Videos linkdaddy (Lincon Wikaira)

    anyone have some stuff on this hottie aussie? hes so fucking sexy lol onlyfans tiktok instagram
  5. B

    Lincon - Linkdaddy

    Hi guys, there’s this really attractive guy on TikTok named Lincoln, goes by Linkdaddy on IG and OF, is there anything out there of him, want to get a taste before paying yknow
  6. B

    Caden Wilson

    Couldn't find anything on him Instagram caden_troy
  7. D

    Lach_Mac (Lachy McIntyre) TikTok

    Hot Australian TikToker TikTok https://linktr.ee/LachyMac Unfortunately the OnlyFans link in his linktree is a fake :worried:
  8. Wild_Bill_Big_Cock

    Australian cock!

    Seems to be plenty of Aussies here. I think there should be a thread just for Aussie blokes with massive cocks, so we are easier to find. So, Australian men only, post your best photographic résumé. Include if you are straight or not, and your town or city, if you want. I'll kick off by...
  9. C

    Australians circumcised as adults

    How many Australian guys have been circumcised as adults? How old are you now: How old when you were circumcised: Why did you get circumcised: How do you like the results: High or Low: Tight or loose: Circumcision method: What did your friends/family think: Would you recommend it:
  10. D


    Anyone have anything on this Aussie guy? He’s finally posted a full dick on twitter and his onlyfans seems to have plenty of good stuff.
  11. F

    Lorenzo Maioli

    Hi, what happened to his thread?
  12. D

    Connor Peters

    Does someone have the full vid of this from Connor Peters? A g-drive would be helpful.
  13. Habbbbooooo

    Unjabbed/unvaxxed in Sydney NSW Australia?

    Anyone unjabbed/unvaxxed from Sydney? Looking for like minded individuals. The rest I'm not too fussed about. No sex on first meet... need to get to know you.
  14. R

    Bronson Xerri

    Bronson Xerri is a former Australian professional rugby league footballer who last played as a centre for the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks in the National Rugby League. He is suspended from playing in the NRL until November 2023 due to a doping violation. Anyone got any pics of him? IG...
  15. Hoeccasionally

    Photos & Videos rmmackay/Dominic_Blaze

    So Rob finally decided to make an Onlyfans! Since he only has 6 publications, in the future if you're up for it, give us something to know if his onlyfans is worth buying.
  16. K


    Anyone got anything on the Aussie living in Canada - Daniel Goes by instabooya and has an only fans I’ve just discovered
  17. strongshaft

    Photo SebastianXSlaughter

    Anyone remember this Aussie dude? When he was active I think he was in his early 20s. I've always wondered what became of him. His Flickr and Twitter still exist - so it doesn't seem like he's actually trying to purge himself from the internet - but they haven't been updated in years. I figure...
  18. J

    Reece Walsh

    Hey everyone, I stumble on a tiktok of that gorgeous Rugby player and saw no thread. Reece Walsh is an Australian professional rugby league footballer who plays as a fullback for the Brisbane Broncos in the NRL. He previously played for the New Zealand Warriors in the National Rugby League...
  19. TommoB

    Jamie Fawkes

    lets celebrate this amazing specimen. A very cute skinny man with impressive length. Meet My Cute New Mate Jamie Fawkes - Gay Porn - Bentley Race
  20. A

    Photo Aussie Boy Jeremy Green

    Anyone got anything on this ripped cute teen from Queensland Australia?? A few pics from his Instagram @Jeremy_green16
  21. D

    Does anyone know who this aussie guy is?

  22. M

    Jack Say - Swag on the Beat

    Anything more on this beauty?
  23. K

    ID : solbrah on IG

    Only recently discovered this beautiful dude, has anyone been able to identify realsolbrah’s real face? I know he is originally from Australia based on the accent. I’m sure someone out there has been a better detective than me. That body is beautiful. ( note This thread is not about his...
  24. Q

    Collingwood magpies

    here’s some of the hottest stuff of collingwood boys
  25. B

    Help me identify this guy

    I really wanna know who the guy on the left is. Any clues?
  26. U

    Paul De Gelder

    Anyone have anything on Aussie Shark Attack survivor and major hottie Paul De Gelder? these are old(er) pics - he's much larger atm and spends most of his time travelling advocating for sharks.
  27. P

    30yo aussie chubby dude for tradie c2c

    Any aussie tradies or other tradies into c2c with a 30yo Aussie chubby dude? Snap me on heathjones91.
  28. P

    30yo chubby dude for tradie

    Any aussie tradies or other tradies into c2c with a 30yo Aussie chubby dude? Snap me on heathjones91.
  29. T

    Photos & Videos looking for this Aussie mmf video?

    Found this screenshot on twitter. Can anyone find the video anywhere else?
  30. C


    Any nudes for this hot amazing funny guy his IG is jjzandt Jeff van de Zandt Login • Instagram