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average guys

  1. TheHorny4EverMan

    Photos & Videos Average Dudes Thread

    So here will come average hot guys! Post if you want so!
  2. averages at the beach

    averages at the beach

  3. HairyAussieBloke

    Average Guys Hairy Or Smooth. Thoughts?

    Looking for more pics of average guy, not just muscle guys with giant cocks for the gods. Showing more average looking guys to help positivity. Dad boss welcome.
  4. D

    New Member!

    Hey all. So I don’t have a big penis it’s about 3.5 soft and 5.5 hard. I actually have always been real self conscious about it, so I thought I would join this group to show my self off and get some encouragement. I’m trying to realize that it’s okay that there are huge guys out there and I’m...
  5. BisexualPotato049

    Hot Guys You Know

    Chat about, sharing pictures videos and/or files, telling any stories, and overall a place to talk and converse about the hot guys you personally know. ... Avoid celebrities and moderately well known figures.
  6. M

    Photo Straight Guys With And Without Clothes

    Hi, First, This forum is for STRAIGHT, means straight women or men. Second, this thread is for women's pleasure, third, anyone can post, fourth, if you are a straight guy and do not like to participate then just move to other thread. Hi ladies and gents, I think ladies deserve eye candies too...