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  1. M

    Angelo (EricVideos)

    This handsome Italian stallion goes by the stage name Angelo on EricVideos.com. Incredibly sexy and passionate while having sex with his scene partners. Does anyone have more information on this performer? Thoughts??
  2. S

    ID this dilf

    does anybody know who this guy is
  3. B

    Thick Latino Dick

    Found this guy on grindr and saved him. He’s bald and kinda goofy but has a thick cock. Vegan or vegetarian or something like that. He said something about moving to Korea to teach English or something but I hope he comes back soon coz he’s kinky AF. Enjoy
  4. T

    Photos & Videos WSM Brian Shaw

  5. M

    Help ID: Hung, bald, and bearded stud

    Anyone know who this is or where I can see more of him? He’s stunning! video:
  6. G

    reproduce by budding flimflam

    Love this man and his twitter. Fucking hot and buff. Just wished I knew his name and more about him
  7. G

    Anthony Carrigan (Hank in HBO's Barry)

    I'm surprised there isn't a thread devoted to him yet! He's shirtless twice on the latest episode (season 03 episode 01).
  8. MomentoMori92

    Gareth Morgan (WhatCulture)

    Personally I’ve had my eyes on him for a while, I think he’s following in Simon Miller’s sexy as footsteps & becoming a wrestler. The picture of him flexing in the mirror is the most recent & tbh it inspired me to finally make a thread for this underrated British hottie.
  9. Rusguy_96

    Photo Barry Scott

    Hey guys. I'm really looking for pics of Barry Scott, famous American pornstar. Especially I wanna see some old pics where he's young. I couldn't find something really interesting of his young age (I mean in his 20s and early 30s). So maybe anybody has such kind of stuff?
  10. bleepyh

    Photo Help Id Please

  11. F

    Ass Eating

    Having some fun with my hubby
  12. Mitchell Grant

    Photo Daddy Diesel @ Southern Gents

    Yesterday I was thinking about the first porn star I ever wanked over and I remembered it was a guy called “DIESEL” on a now defunct site called Southern-Gents.com. Anyone remember him? He was a bald American straight ex-soldier who got his arse out for cash. Fucking lovely. Here’s some I...
  13. F

    Who Is This Hot Daddy?

    Does anyone know who this hairy stud is???
  14. teddybaerli1

    Photos & Videos Virile Daddy Types And Masculine Men Who Love Other Dads

    Do you have a crush on daddies? Do you like them hairy? With beard? Or even bald? And do you enjoy seeing those men having hot sex together? Then this thread should definitely offer something for your taste and pleasure. Please join me and do post daddy types and masculine men having intimate...
  15. G

    Id Model

    Does anyone know the name of this Rufskin model?
  16. E

    Help Identify This Bulgarian Hunk

    Can anyone id this guy? All I know is he is Bulgarian.
  17. T

    Alex Guthrie From The Voice

    Has anyone else seen this guy and fallen in love? He's gorgeous with an amazing voice. I doubt there's anything out there, but would kill to see more of him.
  18. T

    Video Bald Men With Facial Hair

    I don't know what it is, but bald men with facial hair is a huge turn on. Men like Jmac and Johnny Sins. Videos and pictures wanted. :)
  19. 1

    Photo 4nt01n3

    @4nt01n3 on IG @5nt12n4 on TW SO FUCKING HOT
  20. H

    Help Me Find This Bald Hunk Please

    Been trying to find this guy forever now. No amount of reverse searching gave me any luck... (except for the extra pictures, but nothing else) Does anyone have a name or at least a photo set of this guy????????
  21. J

    Photo Id this pornstar

    Anyone know this guy? He is hairy all over but has got a bald head, proper sexy... I need a name!!
  22. aeonquartz

    Who are they?

    Who is the bottom and who is the top? Can Anyone help to id this pornstars?
  23. P

    Bald fetish

    Over the years I have developed a fascination and fetish and love for bald men especially bald muscle men or bald bodybuilders but any body size, race, gender identity is sexy, I Love Sasha Velour who Is Genderqueer I love Dwayne “The Rock “ Johnson, And Vin Diesel they are so Sexy!!!! I...
  24. ItsGonnaBeANoFromMe

    Pt_danny_arnold ig / danny arnold ?

    Yo, It’s time for a thread for this hot guy.