1. VinT60

    Bathhouses Good? Bad?

    So I visited my first bathhouse, Club Orlando 15 plus years ago. I was nervous, scared and intimidated but very curious. I exploded the steam room, sauna, maze and more. I was approached by several men but I never did anything, spending a total of maybe an hour there. Several years later, I...
  2. K

    Adult Book Store Personal Videos And Cruising Stories

    This is a safe space to share your videos and experiences and recommendations at adult book stores and bathhouses.
  3. 2

    Bath House Experiences?

    I’m pretty new to the single life and after years of sexual frustration because of a shitty sex life in previous relationship, I’ve got some sexual goals I’m looking to conquer. There’s some bath houses in Seattle and Portland Oregon that I’m looking at trying out. The thought of NSA stranger...