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  1. ItsMeGabriel

    Fitness Trainer Tony Thomas

    This dude is so. fucking. hot. He's taken to posting cheeky photos of himself on Instagram with delicious, impressive erections. They're not noticeable until you look, *gulp*, harder. His VPL game is on point! I discovered him on YouTube from his well-known Jumping Ability with Plyometric...
  2. D

    Manny (YouTuber)

    Any hot bulges of manny
  3. Nyc_boi2


    Anyone have any recordings of Cococobanna from Stripchat?
  4. drenyc69

    Orlando Roye, former host of Hard Or Soft Podcast

    I find him so hot and I like how sexually free he is. Here is some pics and videos I found of him online. Feel free to add on.
  5. Enilart

    Video Video playing with my cock

  6. S

    Links to Soopersckr's OF?

    Does any have any of Soopersuckr's OF content they can post on here? If you do thanks a lot. He has a gloryhole and only suck D**ks that are 8+. His videos and the men are always hot. Please post his content. Thanks Links: OnlyFans https://twitter.com/soopersuckrnyc
  7. Onion42

    Please worship my thick cock

    So I’m a married straight man Ever since I was in high school, when I first started shocking girls and guys with my fat tool, I’ve sought out opportunities to show my girthy friend off as much as possible. Turns out my juicy cock isn’t the only big dick I like to look at. Give me a hung muscle...
  8. X

    Titus Makin Jr.

    Titus Makin Jr. - 33 years old, actor and musician best known for his roles in 'Glee' and of Jackson West in 'The Rookie'. Plays a lot of gay characters but isn't gay in real life as far as I know.
  9. DracoBean

    Photos & Videos ishondarealest (Tiktok, Twitter)

    I can't believe he doesn't have a thread yet. Basically he's a bi man on tiktok and he got hyped up alot into making a twitter last year (not nsfw) but then a few months ago he just slaps his dick on there out of nowhere. Anyways he also has a snap but I haven't checked it out yet. Here's some...
  10. Rex3611

    Dillon Cox

    Dillon Cox is a 33 year old (05/01/1989) hetero pornstar from Long Beach, CA. He’s extremely good looking, tall, slim, hung, sweet ass. He looks best with a tongue in his asshole.
  11. Jjjameson

    Wife was afraid to admit she likes big dick

    My wife for the longest time was afraid to admit that she likes big dick. We would always watch porn and she would want to see the guys with the huge dicks. She would always be interested in a guys dick size. But when I asked her she would say no I don’t care. I posted pictures of her to show...
  12. M

    Photo Hung model "Danny Von" aka NoblexVon?

    Shot by Jade Photo. Clearly packing something huge. Anyone have anything more revealing?
  13. fireice42


    Chapter One Having crossed the Sahara in our beaten up Land Rover we were elated as we approached the small Nigerian town of Kainji. We had decided to honour the hospitality shown to us by one of our girlfriend's fathers who was an engineer on the new dam that was being built on the river...
  14. M

    Khi / mecko / llterallybryson twitter / Yubo person

    He said he’s starting a onlyfans used to be A sexual now he’s dating a guy and is considering making it only fans this is some of his twitter previous this form is to post any of his future onlyfans content
  15. Enilart

    Cock And Ass Collage

    Post a collage of your ass and cock. Here's mine.
  16. Gangfang89

    Professional dick lover

    I inhale DICK..I suck.. deep throat... lick balls and ass. I take facials...and I swallow cum... I am a Youngstown ohio naive. If you mobile and over 8 inches You'll be back. Disceet and disease free. See you soon lovers.
  17. G

    Ebony vs BBCs (legendary/amateur). Ebonies meeting their match

    Updated thread of really good scenes that fit the description. Add yours Amateur long BBC is too much for fat butt ebony: Amateur long dicked: Rico destroys lesser known ebony star: Tisha Vs Rico Strong - Rico Strong - Private Pornsite dedicated to Rico Strong's clips Rico Strong and...
  18. J

    Bbc nut sucker

    Guys I’m looking for vids of the same technique the first chick uses while sucking dick..
  19. swallow.ed

    lilbriskii / LBriskii

    Haven’t seen a thread on this fine ass man, thought i’d start one, and i’m gonna start it off with a few pictures and videos, he is Lil Briskii on Pornhub, @LBriskii on twitter, and @lilbriskii on onlyfans (12.99/month). Pretty sure he’s bisexual, seen him with men and women. Haven’t looked hard...
  20. T

    Virgin closeted Bi looking for big cock to take virginity

    Good looking for up for whatever if interested let me know and we can swap pics
  21. Cantaloupe4864

    Derek Savage

    So for some reason this guy doesn't have a thread on here so I'm making one. Share some content if you want to Socials: Twitter: https://twitter.com/derek_savagee?t=4l-WveVi_yyhBNkYKUjFpg&s=09 Instagram: Login • Instagram Of: OnlyFans
  22. T

    Anyone have the full link for this?

  23. M

    Cuba V. DeMoan

    This sexy mf is Cuba V. DeMoan. He has one of the fattest asses in the industry. Such a waste that he only did straight porn. His ass was bottom worthy. I am a bottom, but I would totally fuck him in the ass. So unreal. Thoughts??
  24. M

    Python from Papithugz

    This big dicked thug is Python. Although he acts over the top cheesy in his videos, his muscles, tattoos, and thick cock sell me. Unlike most gay for pay actors, Python really gets into each sexual encounter and gives into the chemistry with his scene partners. Thoughts??
  25. A

    Dwayne Kyng

    Hes a sexy youtuber and streamer. Anything on him? I bet he is hung ;) he is quite thicc so he definitely has a fat ass. Anyone got anything?
  26. big_duke

    2 new hung studs on OF

    Hey guys! Me and another hung buddy of mine just started collaborating on an onlyfans together. we’re just starting out but I think we already got some hot content up and more to come. So come check us out OnlyFans and let us know if you have anything in particular you’d like to see
  27. big_duke

    New Onlyfans!!

    Hey guys! Me and another hung buddy of mine just started collaborating on an onlyfans together. we’re just starting out but I think we already got some hot content up and more to come. So come check us out OnlyFans
  28. B

    @kingofthiccc on twitter/tiktok

    I found this himbo on my fyp on tiktok. He has an Onlyfans (donalddick97) and a Twitter (Kingofthiccc), one of his recent tweets shows his dick print through his shirt AND IT'S MASSIVE! I want his videos and pictures from his OF, plus I don't think he's a scammer, looking through the titles on...
  29. M

    Jevon BlaqBullXXX

    This sexy black muscle daddy is Jevon BlaqBullXXX. He does straight porn, but I just fantasize myself being the lucky women he fucks. Does anyone know this guy??? Instagram??? Thoughts??
  30. H


    Post your SNAPCHAT username in this thread if you are -STR8 -HUNG -LOOKING FOR A CHILL BRO TO HAVE FUN WITH My snap is: sxxxcock